Interactive Tactile Experiences in Free Air – The next phase of fitness and martial training

University of Illinois PhD student Rajinder Sodhi and Disney Research’s Ivan Poupyrev published a prototype of a device that creates a standing, tactile, controllable, air-wave.

The air pressure produced by this prototype is tactile and can be linked with Kinect, and similar devices, to function not only on a passive three dimensional virtual world but in a virtual world that has a variable and controllable tactile and physical dimensions.

Even though we are traditional Ninjutsu practitioners, I write about technological and thought provoking insights that have helped not only the documentation of our tradition using a highly semantic wiki but will, in the future, assist learning, practicing and teaching using new devices that will incorporate depth, tactile information and other variables.

As I look at it, the difference between a boxing bag or a wing chun wooden dummy and the AIREAL devices is not essential. As a training aid these just differ in technology.

קישור – מערכת aireal


Slash resistant Apparel – knife protection

A British company is now selling Kevlar lined shirts and hoodies. This meets the rising death toll in teenagers from knife attacks in London.
As personal security is always on our scope, we spotted the protective apparel some months ago.
The slash resistant wear can protect the person wearing it from knife slashes and minor stabs and has been purchased by worried parents from Los Angeles and New York.
We liked the slash resistant hoody, of course, but the slash resistant glove is a gem too.

Link to the CBS news video
Link to the company selling this protective gear


Virtual martial arts training with the Wii

Nintendo, the Japanese creator of the motion sensing remote, revolutionized video games and provided the cheap means to combine motion sensing devices and virtual environments.

Now, using the existing platforms, few scientists and companies are moving into the medical realm and are devising utilities that will teach Medical Doctors how to operate and use a scalpel.

On our field of expertise, Wii now provides the rudimentary abilities to practice boxing.

The day students will give up the Dojo and will practice against Bruce Lee and Sakuraba is not far away – it is here.
Can technology replace the community and the teaching environment? That is probably an open question, but virtual places have replaced many things that were unheard of only twenty years ago.

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