Weekly training details and an international Seminar,

This Friday we will have an ECR group in Honbu dojo Tel Aviv at 08:00.

At Thursday, Yakov Schacht Sensei, the headmaster of the largest and fiercest Ninjutsu Academy in Germany, will conduct a two hour intensive that will focus on Ninjutsu in extreme street fighting situations. Here’s a link to the event on Facebook. It’s open to Akbanauts.

This international seminar is subsidized by AKBAN and Ninjutsu Akademie Hamburg but we will be happy if we can collect a sum for charity. If you want to, that is.

During the weekly regular sessions we will continue our work on three subjects: Sutemi Waza, Kicking Daken in sparring and inside range work of Kukishinden and Takagi.


The Sixth International Ninjutsu Colloquium has ended

The recent Colloquium started diving into the different ways the Ryu in Takamatsu-den deal with resistance. To explore the subject we will need a whole year.
Honored us with their presence and teaching skills, Itai Guvrin, Yossi Teshuva, Dr. Gadi Lissak, Tomer Hollander and more top levels from Bujinkan in Israel then we could count. Amir Haimi from “Jerusalem Martial arts” shared many perspectives on throws and fighting.
Till the full hour long video will be ready with the English translation here’s a short promo with the music by our Berlin dojo Cho, Ran Levari.
See you at the Autumn Colloquium.

Video showcase of the 6th Ninjutsu Colloquium


6th international Ninjutsu colloquium in AKBAN and training this week

The Sixth international Ninjutsu Colloquium will take place this Friday, 1.5.2015, at AKBAN Tel Aviv Honbu dojo.

We will be hosting Ninjutsu instructors from Europe and Bujinkan Judans from Israel.

The 6th Colloquium will start at 08:00 sharp till 10:30, May the 1st. this Friday. Please arrive at 07:45 to fill out the forms needed.

Foreign and Israeli instructors are welcome. Please coordinate with me at [email protected]

Simultaneous translation is available during the Colloquium in Japanese, English and French.
70000 views for akban colloquiums

Previous AKBAN Colloquiums were watched, in AKBAN’s YouTube channel, more then 70,000 views by almost 15,000 viewers at an average view time of 18 minutes. We take these astounding numbers as a token of increased interest in Traditional, combat oriented, Ninjutsu and will video and translate this event also.
Take a look at our previous Colloquiums and the Application Requirements here.
The Sixth Colloquium will deal with the way various Ryuha in Takamatsu-den deal with resistance. We will use Kata from main systems to show that some systems meet resistance with stringer resistance, some ‘go with the flow’ while others combine these two modes into an intricate reaction.

The Kata chosen to exemplify each Ryu are:

  1. Oh Gyaku – From Koto Ryu
  2. Renyo – From Gyokku Ryu
  3. Koshi ori – From Takagi Yoshin Ryu
  4. Fuki (Fukan) – From Fudo Ryu
  5. Ryu fu – From Kukishinden Ryu

During the preceding week we will work with these kata to prepare the ground for a thorough exploration in the Colloquium.
See you there,
Yossi Sheriff


Training this week, plus Eilat Taikai, 30.11-6.12.2014

This Friday we will not have a weapon training class. AKBAN veterans and me are going to the “40 years Taikai”, a special event to celebrate 40 years of Bujinkan in Israel, a conglomerate I helped build and care deeply about.

The Red Sea dojo, under the leadership of Udi Zaga Sensei, organized a wonderful opportunity to learn and meet, a timing that reminded me I have been Doron Navon’s student for more then 38 years now. Here’s a link at the Red Sea dojo homepage for late registration.

I will be teaching as usual at Thursday Tel Aviv dojo, and will start going south only after the session.

At the groups we will hone our Ukemi skills and combine Karuwaza abilities with immediate re-engaging. At the veterans groups we will do the same and continue learning Kukishinden upper level katas.

I attached three clips: one is basic rolls in Ninjutsu, another one is a classic Aikido Ukemi, for comparison, but the first one is the best, it shows that we were prepared for the Red Sea Bujinkan Taikai long, long time ago.

See you in the dojo.

Video of Hissaku Kata at the Red Sea

Video of basic Ninjutsu rolls tutorial

Video of Aikido Ukemi


40th Anniversary of Bujinkan in Israel – A letter to AKBAN

Hello dear AKBAN veterans, I attached here a personal letter to all of us from Udi Zaga Sensei, the Dojo cho of Bujinkan Eilat dojo, AKA the Red Sea dojo. A happy and unique occasion has come. Veteran instructors from the oldest school outside Japan are going to teach their perspectives on the 40th anniversary of Bujinkan in Israel.

As you all know, I founded Bujinkan Israel with M. Nativ years ago in addition to our extensive Ninjutsu documentation, and I am glad for the opportunity to teach and learn from some of Doron Navon’s direct students. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’ll let Udi Zaga Sensei speak. BTW, this happens at Eilat at 4.12.2014-6.12.2014.
PS. I translated the text from Hebrew. Any mistakes and inaccuracies are mine.
redsea dojo
Author – Udi Zaga
AKBAN veterans, hello,
You must be asking, what is it with a Taikai in Eilat, what kind of a weird idea will cause people to travel so far for training, who are those dedicated fans?

Well, we are a small group that took the responsibility to make this commemorative event happen. 40 years of Bujinkan in Israel. We take this event very seriously because it offers once in a lifetime opportunity to see the immense variety of the students of Doron Navon, the variety of perspectives our little country has to offer.

The best teachers in Israel have already committed to teach in this event. We want to give a place for every interpretation and insight of our Budo, there is no other way.

The main theme is the Kihon, the common basics done through a myriad of interpretations. At the past we made similar events in Eilat on a smaller scale. These were very successful and highly professional meetings. We know it is difficult to come to Eilat, as residents of Eilat we do the same every time we travel to events in central Israel. From these experiences we built something that will allow vacation and Ninjutsu at the same time.

Believe us, this is a winning combination. You can practice and your family can have that wonderful vacation. This will be a sunny weekend with a warm Eilat sun. Nobody is left out and we all get a chance to show what we have been doing all these years.

The location of the event in the Dekel beach (Hof Hadekel) is central and close to many amenities. Eilat will also host, at the same dates, the Triathlon, so happy festivities will be the norm.

With invite you to click on our event website and register.

Udi Zaga – Red sea dojo, Bujinkan

אז קדימה, שנו גישה. פתחו את דף האינטרנט שלנו והירשמו באתר שפתחנו במיוחד www.redseadojo.com.


Invitation to the 5th Ninjutsu colloquium

This Friday, at 24.10.2014, 08:00 sharp, at our Tel Aviv Honbu dojo we will meet, practice and debate an intricate and deep kata. Yoav Alterman Sensei called it, “The Everest of kata”. This kata is Gyaku nage, a sequence from the higher level of the Nine demons system. This will be Colloquium number 5 for this year. Here’s a link to all of 2014 colloquiums.

In a Colloquium one of the veteran students presents a Kata or a subject, we practice with it and then debate. We are good debaters. This is not Sparta, this is AKBAN.

All AKBAN veterans and students are invited. If you are a student or a teacher from another school you are invited too, but please contact us here to reserve a place Send Mail.

To sum it up: welcome.

An invitation and an exemplary kata of the 5th colloquium


Sukkot sessions and meditation seminar, 5-10.10.2014

At Sukkot Holiday we have three seminars, one for meditation and two for traditional weapons. In Chol HaMoed we will not be training regularly.

  • Sunday, 5.10.2014 – Regular AKBAN Jerusalem
  • Monday, 6.10.2014 – Regular AKBAN Ramat Hasharon
  • Tuesday, 7.10.2014 – Regular AKBAN Tel Aviv
  • Wednesday, 8.10.2014, Holiday, no session
  • Thursday, 9.10.2014, Holiday, no session
  • Friday, 10.10.2014 – Meditation seminar, Tel Aviv dojo, 13:00
  • Sunday, 12.10.2014, Wohl rose garden, 16:00-19:00, Weapon seminar
  • Monday, 13.10.2014, No session
  • Tuesday, 14.10.2014, 16:00-20:00, AKBAN Tel Aviv, Weapon seminar
  • Friday 17.10.2014, 08:00, AKBAN Tel Aviv, Weapon session

Meditation seminar with Miles Kessler

At Friday, 10.10.2014, 13:00-15:00, at Tel Aviv dojo we will have an introduction to meditation seminar with Mile Kessler sensei from Integral dojo. The level of action that our recent advance in Kata practice demands necessitates learning awareness and concentration methodically. Miles Kessler is a certified Vipassanā meditation teacher in the Mahasi tradition, and in addition to that, a teacher of  Zen meditation in the Big mind school. Miles has many valuable insights to our practice being a certified Aikido teacher who spent many years in Ibaraki dojo in Iwama, Japan. Miles will present the basics of his systems and an introduction to applying it in our martial arts practice.

We decided that each participant will contribute 40 NIS to AIKIDO without borders.


Sukkot weapon seminars

At the first holiday’s eve (8.10.2014) and the holiday (9.10.2014) and at Hoshaána raba (15.10.2014) and Simhat Tora (16.10.2014) there will be no training.

At Sukkot we will have two weapon seminars. We will repeat Kunai, Kusari, Hanbo and also some middle ages’ Cape and Jacket techniques.

At the regular sessions, before the holiday, we will continue to work the flowcharts of Kukishin ryu techniques. We will introduce the throws I didn’t teach last week and integrate them into the kata. The Tel Aviv veteran group will do Gyaku Nage kata.

One of the videos below was posted last week, but I am reposting it and some great sword work too.


Video of basic strikes in Jogo du Pau

Video of sword work from Flos dualotorum

Video of Moguri dori kata