De la Riva BJJ in Akban Israel

A week long intensive seminar saved some Akban Veterans the flight to Rio De Janeiro. Master De la Riva, our personal authority in all matters concerning ground fighting and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, came to Israel to teach. Gidon Zagher, an Akban Veteran an De la Riva’s representative dealt with all the administration and technical matters and brought his teacher to various Akban Dojo all over Israel.
It was great, morning till evening full time tutorials and fights. We thank Gideon, who got his black belt, and all the other Akban veterans who edged upward and got purple and blue belts. Most of all we thank De la Riva –
Bom dia, mestre De La Riva, e muito obrigado!


Recording a martial arts training session in Akban

In the years that passed since the founding of the Akban traditional MMA school we did countless training sessions in various terrains and weather situations. We did want to record, on video, a typical in-dojo training.
On this very big website we have countless videos of martial art techniques we created and uploaded for our martial arts encyclopedia, we do not have many videos depicting a training session. We figured that the challenge is to capture both the silence, the beauty and the down-to-earth approach we have here, in Akban.
Instead of boasting we chose to understate the randori, kata and all the other stuff. Did we do it well? The question of how to video accurately our martial art is a big one. Even though we love Bruce Lee we are quite sure day to day training doesn’t look like a movie. Well, enough said, here it is.


BJJ seminar this Saturday

Alan Moraes, a expert instructor from Carlson Gracie Rio de Janeiro dojo, is opening up the last lesson (22.8.2009) for all Akban veterans.

Professor Moraes, who came to Israel from Brazil, finishes a week long concentrated seminar on advanced Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.
Interested veterans can call their instructor, in Hebrew, here.


Three Akban veterans competed in the ADCC Israel preliminaries

The ADCC is one of the most important martial sporting events in the world today. The best grappling technicians in the world attend it every two years, free from gambling pressures and surplus aggression.
Three veterans from Akban participated in the ADCC Israeli round preliminaries. Two, Amir Haimi and Tal R. wore the white “Team AKBAN” shirt for Beit Hakerem Dojo, Eyal R. competed for the Beer Sheba BJJ dojo.
While Tal and Eyal got difficult opponents in the first round and lost, Amir who arrived very ill, won two bouts and lost the third one in a heel hook submission.
It was great to see us competing in such a well organized event. I hope that two years from now there will be more veterans from Akban in this event.
Link to image gallery of the ADCC Israel 2008


Gracie fails drug test after fight with Sakuraba

After his recent fight with K. Sakuraba,

video 1 of the fight,
video 2 of the fight,
video 3 of the fight,
Royce Gracie failed his California State Athletic Commission drug test.
Gracie was tested positive for Nandrolone, an anabolic steroid. Gracie said he will appeal, but meanwhile he has been suspended from June the 2nd.

This heightens the question of whether there is a fair chance for a MMA to compete successfully in a field that is plagued with competitors using illegal substances to boost performance.