Ninjas on skates attack! Lighten up guys, vacation is over…

That’s the finest way to end Akban’s summer vacation: Ninja pursuit, on skates, on a highway!

I’ll be dreaming of highway chases with my fellow pirate ninjas when doing the first push-ups next week.

BTW, if my Japanese is still on par with my Ninja skate skills, I believe the Ninjas in the end of the clip are saying: “Dude, that was easier then a 24, for sure”.

Thanks, Zaeega


Ninja girls Attacking!!!

Two female robbers dressed as Ninjas with a sword and a dagger took some cigarettes and lottery cards from a gas station in Pennsylvania.
We have just one big question:
Why do these female Ninjas wear white Mickey Mouse gloves? what ancient Ninjutsu ryu is this apparel detail coming from?

Via Wired Danger room


Fake Ninja brews tension between China and Japan

Japanese user claimed Shaolin monks failed a sparring contest against a Ninja. He posted this last week in the Iron Blood Bulletin Board.
Shaolin’s temple lawyer, Huang Kun, hurried in to demand a formal apology and ask a retract, in what threatens to become another corner stone in the shaky relationship between Japan and China.
via Timesonline


A British actor fights three muggers with a long sword

Here’s one for the sword guys: Three unfortunate souls happened to snatch a £20 note from Oxford actor Tom Clews.
Mr. Clews, who is playing Greek mythical hero Odysseus, did not hesitate, chased down the bewildered muggers stabbed one of them in the leg and detained them till the police arrived.

Well done Odysseus! Mr. Clews also played Hector in The Iliad in last year’s fringe and was bare chested at the event. What were those robbers thinking?

Yep, you’re right, this is not madness – THIS IS OXFORD!

via Oxfordshire


Learning English, aerobic dancing and self defence in Japanese TV

Zuiikin English is a genius Japanese program that combines aerobic dancing and phrase repetition to help memorize new English phrases. The hilarious results are unbelievable, especially when applied to self defense.

Any woman that will use the Zuiikin method of self defense will get plenty of space from a potential attacker. Much better then plain old martial art.


A special helmet for martial artists everywhere

Yep, they did it again, finally another layer of security is available now to martial artists who are deep into self defense stuff.
Link Simulation & Training’s have came up with the Advanced Helmet Mounted Display or (AHMD).
That’s right, wear an “AHMED” and feel safer.

For all Bujinkan practitioners, this is the ultimate 5th Dan gadget.

Us AKBAN veterans should just go ahead and buy it. I know I need one.


Donkey robot or Disco Dojo sir

Summer heat is on the rise here in Israel and we look with amazement at two new developments in the martial arts field.

The first is Disco Dojo, a new fitness/martial arts style developed by Mr. Scott Cole, a Palm Springs-based fitness instructor. We at AKBAN had enough of eating dust for so many years that there might be a chance of us doing Disco dojo ourselves, only we thought about changing the name a little, how about Polka-ninja?

With time we will have robots doing all our martial art training! We will then probably contemplate the universe while watching reruns of Seinfeld.