New weapon: flickering light

A strange one indeed, apparently strobe lights are the police force’s weapon of the future. As explained on NewScientist:

“Wielded like a conventional gun, this weapon is designed to trigger “flicker illness” – a condition akin to severe motion sickness – which leaves the target dazed, nauseous or completely immobilised. Its developers suggest it could be just the thing for disabling armed criminals or dispersing a rioting mob. If all goes to plan, police and border guards could soon be using the weapon in earnest.”

And here I was thinking of a future with sinister looking high-powered laser guns.

They should also play some 70’s disco B-side music as an accompaniment, so as to further shock the target.



Building your own Iron Man suit

With the “Iron Man” movie release, the next few months are sure to see a flood of Iron Man must-have toys and gadgets. However, those more concerned with self-defense will not be satisfied with these trinkets. They will of course, like myself, want to build their own Iron Man suit in order to deal with common threats such as muggers, terrorists and roving bands of mutant ninja zombies.

At first this may seem like another botched garage DIY job, but as the guys at WIRED explain, creating your own full body armor isn’t as complicated as it seems:

The Canadian’s latest Trojan rig is comparatively portable, said to weigh just 40lb all-up. It is armoured with “high-impact plastic lined with ceramic bullet protection over ballistic foam”, and supposedly has resisted elephant-gun fire in testing. This time Hurtubise wasn’t inside, but he has said he’s willing to conduct live-fire trials in person.

Akban’s “Essential self-defense equipment” list also includes:
The Akban AHMD helmet

The Akban SUV

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