All the basic Ninjutsu locks

I just finished documenting all the basic Ninjutsu arm locks for the Akban wiki.

Learning Ninjutsu in AKBAN has always been a matter of teacher student practice. I feel that the videos we upload can benefit the beginners’ navigation in our vast martial art.

Video of all the basic Ninjutsu arm locks

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Four Budo Ninjutsu students passed the 1st kyu tests

Four students passed the brown belt tests with flying colors.
These tests necessitate more then 6-7 years of dojo training and are a preliminary to the long time it takes (13 years)to collect enough experience for the 1st Dan (black belt) in dojos that graduated the Akban school.
Three veterans oversaw the tests that included all of the 1st kyu material in the test book.
Link to the Budo Ninjutsu grade requirements with videos of the techniques.
Not all schools need such a long time to prepare the students. We do and we still have mixed feelings about it.


New graduates after grade exam in Budo Ninjutsu

In Tel Aviv dojo, passed the yellow belt tests:
Eli S., Alon P., Liran s., Doron, Asaf G., Gal.
Orange belt: Yoav K., Amir L., Daniel B., Elad M., Daniel M., Eldad B.
In the Jerusalem Tedi Dojo, passed the yellow belt exams: Yair K., Uri G., Yaakov E.
Orange belt exams: Otni, Ofer, Aviad
Green belt exams: sefi P.
In Gilo Dojo Barak H. passed the orange belt exam and Dor S. passed the test for green belt.

In Budo Ninjutsu, under the AKBAN guidelines, it takes at least twelve years to gather and practice the syllabus for black belt.

Yellow belt techniques – kyu 5
Orange belt techniques – kyu 4
Shodan techniques – 1st dan


Mazal Tov!

To Otni from the Jerusalem tedi dojo and to Guy and Udi from Tel Aviv dojo who passed belt grade test for yellow belt (5th kyu).
The avarage time it takes to qualify for a yellow belt exam in Budo Ninjutsu is half a year to a year.