Virtual martial arts training – Part 2

In July we published that the Wii remotes are a small step forward in revolutionizing the martial arts studies.

The partial and inadequate feedback from Nintendo remotes is about to become much better with the introduction of a new, and affordable whole body feedback suit that can relay the movements of different body parts and their trajectories.
At the AKBAN think-tank we guess that this specially developed impact gaming vest that allows the wearer to feel the punches can augment the motion capture suit nicely.
In the boring clip below one can see the potential and ease of construction of the motion capture suit made by MIT and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH).
Alas, I don’t think that, at the long run, any kind of system will be able to replace years of hard work in the dojo, only to hasten learning of new movements.

Link to Slashdot article
Link to New scientist tech article


Another "12" will begin this Thursday

The “12”, AKBAN’s 12 hours nonstop sparring will take place later this week on Thursday evening on top of [email protected]%^. We will not be doing any -24- this year…

To get into this year’s fall “12” training you’ll need a written permissions from your AKBAN instructor, Beit Hakerem dojo’s instructor and an augmented signed “S” form.
The “12” is full contact (including ground techniques) on gravel and rocks and it necesitates being in AKBAN’s top shape and fitness level


Training times during the Sukot Holiday

The martial art groups of the Jerusalem Tedi dojo will be doing Budo Ninjutsu during The Sukot Holiday on Sunday, September the 30th in Gan Havradim at regular training hours.
The Ramat Hasharon and Tel Aviv Dojo will have a joined training session on Tuesday, October the 2nd.


Japan no longer in the Judo ruling board of International Judo Federation

Yasuhiro Yamashita, the Olympian Judo legend, was expelled earlier this week from the IJF, the International Judo Federation Executive Committee.
The move comes as another blow to the traditional Japanese sport, many changes were passed on for the sake of popularity and TV visibility, and it is now feared that the political defeat of Yamashita symbolizes the take over of a westernized media driven Point of view in Judo.
link to the article in The straight times
link to the IJF site, with Yamashita in the board, still not updated…
Portal Judo, All the Judo techniques in video


Slash resistant Apparel – knife protection

A British company is now selling Kevlar lined shirts and hoodies. This meets the rising death toll in teenagers from knife attacks in London.
As personal security is always on our scope, we spotted the protective apparel some months ago.
The slash resistant wear can protect the person wearing it from knife slashes and minor stabs and has been purchased by worried parents from Los Angeles and New York.
We liked the slash resistant hoody, of course, but the slash resistant glove is a gem too.

Link to the CBS news video
Link to the company selling this protective gear