Krav Maga, Israeli self defence in India

Following the recent terrorist scare after the Mumbai terrorist attack Indian youth are looking for ways to foster their personal security.

The Israeli system of Krav Maga seems like a natural choice since it advertises itself as a martial system that is very unique and efficient.

If the hype in India will be as strong as the popularity of Krav Maga in USA and Europe then we will see Vicky (Vikram) Kapoor, the head instructor opening many krav Maga training places.

Link to NewKerala, the Indian Kerala news source


For the first time: A European Sumo wrestler wins the emperor’s cup!

Kaloyan Mahlyanov, known with his Sumo name Kotooshu, made history, For the First Time a European Wins the Emperor’s Cup.

Kotooshu, a Bulgarian, became the first European sumo fighter who won the Emperor’s Cup after winning the 2008 May Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo.

“I’m so happy,” a beaming Kotooshu told Japan’s NHK television after becoming the seventh foreigner to win an Emperor’s Cup. “I’m speechless. I did it at last.”

If Kotooshu, an ozeki ranked fighter, wins the Nagoya tournament he could rise to the esteemed rank of yokozuna.

Link to IHT


CCTV in Britain failed to cut crime rates

The United Kingdom is leading the Orwellian world in the number of video surveillance cameras suctioned by the public in a futile effort to control terrorism.
It now seems that the huge investment and the anti privacy losses were for naught – Less then 3% of street robberies in London were solved using CCTV images.

The issues involving the spread and use both of state sanctioned surveillance and video equipped private phones has the Akban thinktank pondering the implications of this visibility, both for martial arts experts and for inexperienced citizens alike.

“Massive investment in CCTV cameras to prevent crime in the UK has failed to have a significant impact, despite billions of pounds spent on the new technology”



Mind reading devices taking control of video games

Last month Emotive announced another device that’s claiming to bridge the gap between thoughts and video game controllers.
The device reads EEG and transforms them into electrical signal to be used in a variety of systems.
This is not the first device that takes the gamer one step closer into the realm where virtual fighting can simulate reality. We reported on the Wii controller earlier this year.
I am not too happy about these tech development as I do not think anything can take the place of the Dojo. But I also know for sure – nothing will stop technology. Is this the beginning of the end for martial arts? We have already seen flight drones replacing real pilots. Are UFC fighters the obvious next step?