New search engine in your martial arts website

Keith H. with a little help from some veterans, Managed to write search algorithms that would search 5 databases in two languages.

Not only did he have to deal with thousands of images from AKBAN’s martial art events, there was also the problem of two blogs, articles and, to top it all, tens of thousands of pages, techniques, videos and tutorials in the AKBAN-wiki.


Tel Aviv night run

To prepare for the Tel Aviv night run use the meticulous running tabels here: Akban fitness routine.
כדי להתכונן לריצת לילה תל אביב השתמש בטבלאות הריצה של אקבן.
The Nike night run will take place in Tel Aviv at Thursday, June the 28th, 20:45.
AKBAN veterans that do not have a scheduled dojo session at that evening are invited to run with us. It’s a 10 Km run, but a 5 Km is also optional.
Running for beginners, from the AKBAN fitness program.
The AKBAN fitness program.
The Nike Tel Aviv night run, A Hebrew link.


Today the AKBAN-wiki passed the 1000 techniques and articles

We just gave ourselves a big Mazal tov. Our fantastic project – documenting martial arts in a visual and logical system – has passed the 1000 techniques and articles and is going strong.
On the same note, we continue with all our endeavors. Keith H. from Tel-Aviv dojo upgraded our semantic wiki software, now we can ask more meaningful questions about techniques.
Ariel F. a veteran from Tel Aviv dojo, continues with Dani Y.’s work of writing text and tutorials to the videos.
All this in accordance with the 8th article, section 4, in the AKBAN’s ethical code.

Seitei gata, the standard ZNKR sword kata in video on the AKBAN-wiki

with the expertise, accuracy and calm of sensei Yossi Lurie we now have in our martial arts database , in video, all the Seitei Gata, the sword drawing modern kata.
1. Mae 前
2. Ushiro 後ろ
3. Ukenagashi 受け流し
4. Tsuka-ate 柄当て
5. Kesagiri 袈裟切り
6. Morote-tsuki 諸手突き
7. Sanpō-giri 三方切り
8. Ganmen-ate 顔面当て
9. Soete-zuki 添え手突き
10. Shihō-giri 四方切り
11. Sō-giri 総切り
12. Nukiuchi 抜き打ち


You can hear the whistling of the sword in all the Iaido kata.