Adding text to describe videos of martial arts techniques


We are continuing the second stage in our PROJECT and starting to describe in text the videos of the Martial arts, Ninjutsu – Budo Taijutsu moves and techniques in the AKBAN-wiki.
Few veterans started writing text to the visuals. This is an ongoing process and more layers of meaning will probably added in time to many martial art styles. Here are the efforts of
and Yossi

Registering and adding insights and knowledge to this vast database is free and open.

Nostalgic collection of martial art courses and ads from comic books


In this great gallery you can catch up with our childhood fantasies. Ads promising everything from joining the black Ninja society to learning the secret devastating fatal techniques of the Dim Mak expert are offered at a price starting from 99 cents.

It’s a pity we lost so many years training, when we could have paid the money and get over with it.

In the words of one disappointed student: “what? What do you mean 12 years for a black belt? don’t you have something faster?”
There you go, just 99 cent plus delivery.
link to Dan Kelly’s site

Toward a better description of martial arts


Due to the fact that some articles about martial art describe the art inadequately we began a move to standardize the AKBAN-wiki articles describing martial arts.
Maybe this way we will be able to write an article about Ninjutsu. Nobody yet payed attention to the fact that in our huge martial arts and Ninjutsu website we still don’t have an article describing what Ninjutsu is anywhere .

Gracie fails drug test after fight with Sakuraba


After his recent fight with K. Sakuraba,

video 1 of the fight,
video 2 of the fight,
video 3 of the fight,
Royce Gracie failed his California State Athletic Commission drug test.
Gracie was tested positive for Nandrolone, an anabolic steroid. Gracie said he will appeal, but meanwhile he has been suspended from June the 2nd.

This heightens the question of whether there is a fair chance for a MMA to compete successfully in a field that is plagued with competitors using illegal substances to boost performance.

Your martial arts web site is back online, sigh…


These were more then 12 nerve recking hours…

Due to huge increase in user traffic on our martial arts encyclopedia and because of the big data bases demands that were tasking our previous server we had to move your martial arts site.

We now host this huge web site on a separate server.
The good news are that it was worth it, every page loads faster, especially the AKBAN-wiki but also more esoteric issues like esoteric ninja hats.

Sorry, friends, we didn’t think it would be that complicated.

Oh, almost forgot, thanks to Erik R. who from far far away found the DNS problem that was the root cause and corrected it.

Thanks to all of you who sent mails regarding this problem.