Head injuries in sports and in martial arts

August 1999 was the last time AKBAN practitioners did sparring with a knock-out option.
Ever since AKBAN instructors have been emphasizing full contact sparring with no injuries.
A novice martial artist might think that a head punch with gloved hand is harmless and is not considered as injury – that’s a mistake! Many clinical studies support our old conclusion: even one major punch to the face raises the chances for post concussion syndrome, or Repetitive Head Injury Syndrome.
Many martial arts forbid hand punches to the head, one can hit the body with great force without risking head injury – not so in our school. In Budo Ninjutsu we aim to spar in realistic, full-contact fights and we hit the face so that practitioners will get in the habit of defending the head area.
Punching the face must be gentle enough even if boxing gloves are used. Our old conclussions gain crdibility from findings in other sports. The danger is not only old age neurological syndromes (Mohamad Ali) but near and immediate danger to the practitioner.
AKBAN students that had a minor head injury, even while playing soccer weeks ago, do not participate in sparring that has a chance for head punching.
Mr. S. said, on many occasions: “The most important thing is the student’s safety. We (AKBAN Instructors) must learn all the time, use academical studies and clinical articles in sport medicine and physiology to raise our students’ professionalism and keep them safe.”
This explains the meticulous and slow way we developed the AKBAN fitness program for more then ten years. “Fitness is our safety envelope.”
To superb fitness we add correct sparring rules and etiquette, just so that we’ll be able to work in the Dojo for many years.


Planning the next generation backpack

This is an invitation for every person who ever ran with a back pack.
We are now planning the Ultimate Light Attack Backpack. As you may well know, AKBAN veterans engage in a lot of fittness, running, outdoor climbing, hiking and of course – beating each other.

We treat this matter very professionally and now, since our legendary backpack, the “Modan flash 35 liter” went out of production we are planning to make a back pack that will incorporate our understanding and experience.

After all we were one of the pioneers that ran half marathons and marathons with a 10 kilogram backpacks.

Please feel free to comment below (no registration necessary) on the specification for your ultimate light backpack. Will it have a cellphone pouch? a gun holster? place for a laptop?

We will post it, we will make it, you will use it. Everybody Happy.


The UFC mixed martial arts organization is getting nearer to mainstream American culture

The tough UFC MMA champion Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell is featured with his little son on the cover of ESPN, The Magazine.

Liddell has earned a place of honor in the martial arts world as a hard competitor in what is now becoming a cultural phenomenon – the entrance of Mixed martial arts into mainstream American and western media.

Liddle is valued both as a tough fighter and an honest, nice guy, the kind of sportsman the UFC chairman, Dana white is trying to promote.
It now seems certain, even with some critical opinions that MMA are here as a central feature of our western culture for years to come.

For us in AKBAN – trying to bridge the gap between ancient lifestyle and the adrenalin rush of martial arts sports – the job seems more interesting then ever.


Martial arts not much when compared to corporate armies

The Russian law makers, the Duma, have authorized the construction of private armies for the mega corporations of Gazprom and Transneft.
This is not global news as the equivalent armies exist now both in the United states of America and in several other countries.

This trend poses some worries for us individual martial arts practitioners. When money buys power there is less control over its exertion.

Our martial arts expertise does not mean much against a corporate, or any other, M16.

Summer promotes lighter side of the Israeli martial arts community

Summer party on the York residency penthouse in old Jaffa!

Thursday, July the 12th, 22:30, Shderot Yerushalaim 194, donation 20 IS for the most astute band – “Tmimei Deim”, straight from the politically correct Galilee.

With the blessing of the AKBAN Budo ancestors, we welcome all those people from the martial arts community who can quickly say: “Balvenie doublewood-Whiskey-no-ice-NO ICE!” while pummeling with Eshel.

This time we will not pay bail so please don’t forget to wear a sweater.


New ultimate weapon rediscovered

As we all know, newspapers can give you a real headache.
It seems that English football fans discovered this long ago, when police banned them from sneaking anything that resembles a weapon to the stadiums they came up with this ingeneous equipment, The Millwall brick.
For us martial arts practitioners there sure are some Hebrew newspapers that pack a better punch.

Times and places for summer Budo Ninjutsu training in Tedi and Gilo Dojo in Jerusalem

From the 8.7.2007 (that’s Sunday the eighth in July) the Jerusalem tedi dojo will move outside to the topmost level in the Knesset rose garden.
Times of the lessons will change
Sunday, practice starts at 18:00 and the randori starts at 19:30.
The pre-practice run starts at 16:30 only for those doing the AKBAN fitness regime.
Wednesday practice starts at 18:30 and ends just before 21:00. Family guys, it’s Ok to be late.

the Gilo dojo moves outside to the park in the Canada hill in Gilo.


New graduates after grade exam in Budo Ninjutsu

In Tel Aviv dojo, passed the yellow belt tests:
Eli S., Alon P., Liran s., Doron, Asaf G., Gal.
Orange belt: Yoav K., Amir L., Daniel B., Elad M., Daniel M., Eldad B.
In the Jerusalem Tedi Dojo, passed the yellow belt exams: Yair K., Uri G., Yaakov E.
Orange belt exams: Otni, Ofer, Aviad
Green belt exams: sefi P.
In Gilo Dojo Barak H. passed the orange belt exam and Dor S. passed the test for green belt.

In Budo Ninjutsu, under the AKBAN guidelines, it takes at least twelve years to gather and practice the syllabus for black belt.

Yellow belt techniques – kyu 5
Orange belt techniques – kyu 4
Shodan techniques – 1st dan