A special helmet for martial artists everywhere

Yep, they did it again, finally another layer of security is available now to martial artists who are deep into self defense stuff.
Link Simulation & Training’s have came up with the Advanced Helmet Mounted Display or (AHMD).
That’s right, wear an “AHMED” and feel safer.

For all Bujinkan practitioners, this is the ultimate 5th Dan gadget.

Us AKBAN veterans should just go ahead and buy it. I know I need one.


New yellow belts have been doing martial art for more then a year

Ran and Nadav from the Tel Aviv dojo have passed the tough 25 minutes of the Yellow belt exam.

Training in Budo Ninjutsu is great for beginners, our school has more then 20 years of experience in martial arts and we use the world’s slowest fitness program allowing us the opportunity to get superbly fit and maintain it while getting better in our self defense and fighting skills

We really don’t know how to say it nicely, but here it goes: our instructors cut no corners, it takes at least 12 years to gather the knowledge to the black belt test in our Budo Ninjutsu school.