First round of planning the new Tel Aviv Akban dojo

Students of architecture presented the first drafts of the new Akban Academy in Tel Aviv. Yossi Sheriff, Akban’s founder, commented on the interesting and successful plans: “Our martial art is the picture. I love this picture and I think that a good martial arts Centre should be the beautiful frame. It should be approachable to students who wish to apply to our rigorous training regime”.

The current Tel Aviv dojo is spacious, has parking nearby but lacks the added benefit of daily practice. A new Academy will give the students the ability to train all week long. The opening date is scheduled for September.

On our way to strengthen our core and our learning assets this is an important mid station. We thank the students and their teacher Michal Dolev Hashimshoni and her colleague Yehiam Kru.

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De la Riva BJJ in Akban Israel

A week long intensive seminar saved some Akban Veterans the flight to Rio De Janeiro. Master De la Riva, our personal authority in all matters concerning ground fighting and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, came to Israel to teach. Gidon Zagher, an Akban Veteran an De la Riva’s representative dealt with all the administration and technical matters and brought his teacher to various Akban Dojo all over Israel.
It was great, morning till evening full time tutorials and fights. We thank Gideon, who got his black belt, and all the other Akban veterans who edged upward and got purple and blue belts. Most of all we thank De la Riva –
Bom dia, mestre De La Riva, e muito obrigado!


How to survive the Akban fitness program

I’ve been doing the Akban fitness program for years, I like the fact that it’s gradual and allows me to stay fit even now, when I’m a bit older.
As every trainee knows, even in best health there are off days, days when we preform below our standard. Number of studies have discovered, or more accurately, rediscovered the fact that a cup of coffee before exercise or competition can up our performance.
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Ninjas on skates attack! Lighten up guys, vacation is over…

That’s the finest way to end Akban’s summer vacation: Ninja pursuit, on skates, on a highway!

I’ll be dreaming of highway chases with my fellow pirate ninjas when doing the first push-ups next week.

BTW, if my Japanese is still on par with my Ninja skate skills, I believe the Ninjas in the end of the clip are saying: “Dude, that was easier then a 24, for sure”.

Thanks, Zaeega