“AKBAN 120”? What is it? Learn about this insanity now

Yossi Sheriff

At the hottest and most humid month, after one month Blitz, we engage in a training session that demands not only extreme fitness but also correct and careful technique.

Twelve months of the yearly training cycle always finish with the infamous AKBAN 120. In the AKBAN 120 we spar in one minute rounds, different partners each round, for two hours, 120 minutes, non-stop.

The “120” will take place in Tel Aviv, this Wednesday, August the 30th, between 6PM-8PM.

I’ll send the exact location on our WhatsApp groups.

As Ran shows in the video, this is AKBAN Tel Aviv in August, be prepared for high humidity. Bring water and protective equipment.

See you there,

Sessions and Detant seminar

Yossi Sheriff

A Detant emotional regulation seminar (phase 2-3) opens up this Friday, 9.6.2017, 08:00 sharp. The seminar is open to AKBAN practitioners.
Link for registration, here.

During the week we will hone the ‘Kosa Shita te’ hand work and combine it with Ninjutsu kicks.

Sessions this week, 10-15.4.2016

Yossi Sheriff

This Friday, 15.4.2016, at 08:00 sharp, we will have a special seminar in Tel Aviv dojo.

During the week we will continue to work on bi-lateral techniques of mutual nagare work, and continue this drill into the trap kata of upper levels in Kukishinden Ryu.

Further down this short post, I attached an image gallery from AKBAN Greece seminar, last week. Videos soon to follow.

Video of kata analysis in Kukishinden ryu

Images – AKBAN Greece seminar – April, 2016

Athens 2016 AKBAN seminar

Ninjutsu sessions from 24th in August till the 29th

Yossi Sheriff

We conclude the August sparring month and this week is no exception. We will focus on randori. Those who want to improve sword work or practice striking drill will be able to so too.
Please do not forget water, protective gear and determination.
dog watches ninjutsu

Rocket attacks on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem dojo – Back to bomb shelter in Jerusalem from Sunday

Yossi Sheriff

The Jerusalem session today at the Wohl Rose Park is cancelled and we will return and train at the regular Tedi dojo from Sunday till the end of this small war – we’ll train at the summer hours 18:00-20:00. This precaution is due to the rocket attacks on Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

The Wohl Rose Park is the greatest place to train at, but it lacks a bomb shelter at a running distance, I checked… So today’s session is off and we start this Sunday at the Tedi dojo, 10 seconds walk from top-grade bomb shelter.

Training will go on.
Please be safe, AKBAN veterans! Keep training!

בילבו באגינס

Planned Ninjutsu session, AKBAN Tel Aviv – 3.10.2013

Yossi Sheriff

A reminder, we are training at our temporary dojo, 193 Ben Yehuda st. 1st floor.

This Thursday we will be integrating the interplay between armlocks and throws in Ninjutsu and focusing on the difficult over-under wrestling clinch.
We will start with regular Gi grip and explore Muso dori, Musha dori and the Osoto gake throw. As usual, please bring punching gloves for kata training.

The sessions will start with kamae followed by the himum. The session ends with Randori.

I upload selected Ninjutsu lessons to the Ninjutsu training category at the AKBAN wiki.

Tel Aviv Martial arts academy – AKBAN
Call us: 052-5108747

Session of combat Ninjutsu in the Tel Aviv dojo
Starts: 10/03/2013 6:00PM

Ends: 2013-10-03:00.000
Duration: 02:00

Ben Yehuda 193
Tel Aviv

Planned session for AKBAN Tel Aviv – 23.7.2013

Yossi Sheriff

This Tuesday we start from the 5th, distance control, super-combo. We will try to finish at least 3 bifurcations of this combo. The fourth combo, the Kanstesu waza, will be incorporated on both sides with 3 bifurcations each.

The three timing combos will get one more bifurcation. Boxing gloves are essential.

A reminder: Our dojo has moved up for the summer. We will be training at the third floor of the school’s building because of the renovations of our dojo.

The sessions will start with kamae followed by the himum. The session ends with Randori.

I upload selected Ninjutsu lessons to the Ninjutsu training category at the AKBAN wiki.

Tel Aviv Martial arts academy – AKBAN
Call us: 052-5108747

Planned Ninjutsu techniques for the Tuesday session in Tel Aviv dojo
Starts: 07/23/2013 6:00PM

Ends: 2013-07-23:00.000
Duration: 03:00

AKBAN Tel Aviv, 294 Hayarkon St.
Tel Aviv

Wednesday in Jerusalem dojo, controlling the distance – Blitz

Yossi Sheriff

In the video we can see that telegraphing your intent with consecutive switches (Yoko Aruki) is never good. The nice part is the t-shirt wearing veteran shortening the distance as a defense against a Mikazuki kick. This part of the tai sabaki is sometimes overlooked because of the emphasis on evasion and defense. The most important part, of course is the small, almost unnoticeable, handshake, it determines the mood for the whole randori.

We will meet again today at 18:00 at the supreme court meadow to spar till 20:00.

Video of closing the distance in Ninjutsu sparring against a Mikazuki geri – Blitz 2012

Jerusalem Ninjutsu – AKBAN