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Weekend quote – Jim Estill

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Some tips from Jim Estill post for dealing with Conditions:

1 – Compartmentalize. Often the Condition is high stress. Once you have done all you can do. Leave it. Do something to take your mind off it. Try to not let it spill into other compartments of your life.

2 – Choose your reaction. Often the reaction chosen can hurt you even more than the condition. This is like the person who chooses to say “my life if ruined because…”. Why do they choose to let the Condition ruin their life. The more they assume they have no choice but to take the reaction they have the more helpless they are.

3 – Count your blessings. Most Conditions are not as catastrophic as we imagine. As Mark Twain said “I have suffered from a lot of worries in my life – a few of which actually happened”. The grateful in this world are happier and more in control.

4 – Help someone who is worse off than yourself. This helps with gratefulness. Focus on someone else.

5 – Focus on making another part of your life better. Just because a Condition happened in one area does not mean you need it to poison all of life. Often you can build better in another area.

6 – Be logical. Often by exaggerating what it really means, you can see that it is not as big of a deal as it feels like at the time. Sometimes a calm and insightful mentor can help this.

7 – Break a sweat. I find there is nothing like a good workout to help me get perspective back. And there is no downside.

8 – Control what you can. Even though the nature of Conditions is you cannot control them, there often are parts of it or other things you can control. Control gives hope and a part of us always like to be “doing something to fix it”.

9 – Take a break. Often the weight of the condition colours our whole view on life. If you have already done what you can, take a break. Breaks rejuvenate. Figure out what rejuvenates you.

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From the incomparable


Greece 2016 seminar, some thoughts

Exarcheia neighbourhood in Athens is Tel Aviv, 50 years ago. The faces of the old people in the streets, grandmothers carrying baskets from the market, slowly climbing the steep streets, the bookshops, the aromas of family cooking at noon, I am sure I smelled Kaptadakya and Pastitsio.

I came for the winter seminar armed with Gaby Frischlander. Gaby is the senior teacher in Niradin, a Doron Navon Shodan and an AKBAN Nidan. Gaby came to test Vasilis and Aris for senior instructor level together with me.

Gaby and me have been friends for more then forty years. We are older now, but we used to play hide and seek in the workers’ neighbourhood, fought in the same elementary school, heard music in the same high school parties and stood in awe in the same dojo. Simple things, same old Seiko watch, same old shoes that I mend all the time, same jeans, same morning training routine.

Will power, courage and dedication. This combination of characteristics is not rare, we see it in many dojos. What is rare is something that we saw in the Detant workshop, something unique to the Greek dojo, a degree of spirituality. Economical hardship, creates, in some people, wealth.

I honor this combination of courage and spirituality. Alchemists’ gold is not dependent on loans from corporations, it stems from correct work, respect and awareness.

New year is coming, with new challenges. Whenever I go on a new hike I take many looks back, to see where I came from, old knowledge, old techniques, old friends.

For the new year here’s what I send to all who work: Get over difficulties, practice daily, breath deeply, thank you, Ευχαριστώ πολύ!

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Weekend quote – John Fulton

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It is the most difficult art form in the world. You are required to create a work of art spontaneously with a semi-unknown medium, which can kill you, in front of one of the most critical audiences around. And it all leaves only a memory.

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Winter seminar in AKBAN Athens and sessions this week

This Friday I will be teaching in Athens, Greece, for the 2016 winter seminar. Due to the seminar there will be no Haka training in Honbu dojo Tel Aviv.

The Winter Seminar in AKBAN Athens will go deep into applying traditional techniques and will focus on the versatile flexible weapons of the AKBAN Armory. The weekend seminar will conclude with Detant workshop for warriors. This top level learning teaches emotional modulation through the body.

During the week in AKBAN Israel we will continue to explore Fudo Ryu unique attack syncopations.

Video of levels of violence in our Martial art