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Training this week, 1-6.5.2016

In Thursday, 5.5.2016, we will not train in the dojo. We will conduct training at Gan Ha’azmaut, 100 meters north of Hilton hotel.
On Friday, 6.5.2016, we will conduct a regular morning session at 08:00 in Honbu dojo.

During the week we will repeat high velocity versions of Tsuki Nagare drill and add reflex reactions. In addition to that we will get to better know the fourth timing – A Neko Damashi derivative.

4th timing

Video of fourth timing


Weekend quote – Antiphilos from Byzantium

1st quote

Oh, would you just give me a straw mat at the bow,
flaps above it would hiss from spray slap.
Fire would burst between two stones,
above it a pot would sing empty bubbles.
Oh, if you’d show me the dirty deck boy,
and give me a wood plank for a table, simple sail would be tablecloth,
a game of “push-pull”, a whistle,
the sailors’ talk.
Such luck happened to me
just yesterday,
to me, the guy who likes simple things

2nd quote

AKBAN Seminar in Pesach

This Tuesday, in Chol HaMoed Pesach, from 17:00 till 21:00, in Tel Aviv Dojo, we will attend in “Eser Makot” seminar (FB link). In this seminar, AKBAN veteran instructors will lead the intense 4 hour session. The instructors this time will be: Yossi Sheriff, Lior Katz, Guy Renan, Yoav Alterman, Assaf Hochman, Eli Shirian, Shmulik Bar Kana, Elad Nagar, Ra’am Manzur and Yaad Ben David.

This is a full four hour session. Please bring: gloves, protective equipment, wood tento, hanbo, water and some snack (dates, matzo with chocolate etc. ).
This seminar will be videoed, but reality is better.

There will not be any sessions in Hol Hamoed Pesach, between 24-29.4.2016

Happy holiday to all. See you there.

Video of the 4th AKBAN colloquium


Sessions this week and a planned seminar in Passover

This Friday, on the eve of Passover holiday, there will not be a session in the dojo.
On Hol hamoed we will have a special seminar, “10 Hamakot“. The seminar will start at 17:00 till 21:00 in Tel Aviv dojo. All the AKBAN instructors in Israel will be teaching there: Yossi Sheriff, Lior Katz, Guy Renan, Yoav Alterman, Assaf Hochman, Eli Shirian, Shmulik Bar Kana, Elad Nagar, Ra’am Manzur, Yaad Ben David. The seminar will be videoed, as usual, for the benefit of AKBAN instructors abroad and friends.

This week we will continue the work on Tsuki Nagare drill with an emphasis on the second side attack. Please maintain fitness for these strenuous sessions, and don’t forget a water bottle and gloves.

Video of Tsuki Nagare drill in AKBAN Athens


Sessions this week, 10-15.4.2016

This Friday, 15.4.2016, at 08:00 sharp, we will have a special seminar in Tel Aviv dojo.

During the week we will continue to work on bi-lateral techniques of mutual nagare work, and continue this drill into the trap kata of upper levels in Kukishinden Ryu.

Further down this short post, I attached an image gallery from AKBAN Greece seminar, last week. Videos soon to follow.

Video of kata analysis in Kukishinden ryu

Images – AKBAN Greece seminar – April, 2016

Athens 2016 AKBAN seminar


Weekend quote – Olav Hauge

1st quote

My Parker has in its belly a whole Kilometre of poems
Even the inkwell has a lot to say: miles on
miles of words. Papers
I receive through mail: bills, brochures, questionnaires
that have to be filled out –
I am full of faith in the future.

2nd quote

Translated from Hebrew by ed.
מתוך: הנהר שמעבר לפיורד, אולב האוגה, תרגום סבינה מסג עם חנה-מאי סוונדל, הוצאת קשב לשירה

לפרקר שלי יש בבטן


Last week’s seminars and this week’s sessions –

Last week was full of seminars and special reunions. Yakov Shacht, the headmaster of Hamburg Academy, headed a special seminar in AKBAN Tel Aviv. Oded Levi, AKBAN Canada dojo cho, participated in an outside training and Yaad Ben David, dojo cho of AKBAN Haifa, ushered the Ne waza seminar, also in AKBAN Tel Aviv. I just had enough time to fly to Greece and teach a seminar in AKBAN Athens.

These happy times can be intense, and maybe that is the reason I am always happy to return to regular practice and to the solace of my daily training routine.

In Friday, 8.4.2016, at 08:00 sharp, we will have seminar in AKBAN Tel Aviv. A detailed post will be released on our WhatsApp groups.

During the week we will work on throws and armlocks but we will not neglect the Nagare drill and use it against Gyaku Tsuki too.

Video about Uke reactions to Jodan Yuke


Weekend quote – Frederick William Lanchester

1st quote

Lanchester’s Linear Law (for ancient combat)

Assuming identical weapons and morale, in ancient warfare, one soldier could fight exactly one other soldier at a time. If each soldier kills, and is killed by, exactly one other, then the number of soldiers remaining at the end of the battle is simply the difference between the larger army and the smaller.

Lanchester’s Square Law (for modern combat)

In modern combat, in battles of attrition, with modern weapons, the unit can attack multiple targets and can receive fire from multiple sources. The power of such an army is proportional not to the number of units in difference, but to the square of the number of units.

In order to win by attrition, the killing rate of the technology must advance in proportion to the square of the number of opponents it is meant to kill. It takes an N-squared-fold increase in quality to make up for an N-fold increase in quantity.

2nd quote

CC US Army
Image CC US Army