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Respect for AKBAN Greece and seminars this week, 27.3-1.4.2016

The AKBAN family congratulates Aris Sensei on opening the second AKBAN dojo in Greece. This dojo will join Vasilis Sensei, the head of AKBAN Greece and the headmaster of Athens dojo. I am honoured by the strong company of these two wonderful teachers, Vasilis and Aris, and welcome their help and expertise in guarding and developing the Ninjutsu I learned from my teacher, Doron Navon Sensei.

I will teach in a special seminar in AKBAN Athens, Greece, this Saturday, 2.4.2016. Here’s the Facebook event link.

God’s speed, Aris Sensei, well done Vasilis Sensei, Yshar Koach.

Special sessions schedule

Outside training this Tuesday, 29.3.2016, the training moves to Gan Ha’azmaut instead of the dojo. The session will start at 18:00 till 20:30.

This Thursday, 31.3.2016, at 18:00 in Honbu dojo, we have a special seminar with Yakov Schacht Sensei, the headmaster of Hamburg Ninjutsu Academy. Yakov Sensei will teach Ninjutsu Basics for street combat. Here’s a link to the special seminar event on Facebook

This Friday, 1.4.2016, at 08:00 sharp, in Tel Aviv dojo, Ya’ad Ben David will conduct a Ne-waza, ground fighting seminar. Here’s the link to the Tel Aviv event on Facebook. To open the gate, please call Elad.

In all the other groups, we will work hard, as usual.

Aris Pitas and John F.

Video of October 2015 Yakov Schacht seminar in AKBAN


Weekend quote – Kim Tingley

1st quote

Disorientation is always stressful, and before modern civilization, it was often a death sentence. Sometimes it still is.

But recent studies have shown that people who use GPS, when given a pen and paper, draw less-precise maps of the areas they travel through and remember fewer details about the landmarks they pass; paradoxically, this seems to be because they make fewer mistakes getting to where they’re going.

Being lost — assuming, of course, that you are eventually found — has one obvious benefit: the chance to learn about the wider world and reframe your perspective.

2nd quote

From The Secrets of the Wave Pilots

Nainoa Tompson


This week’s sessions in AKBAN, 17-25.3.2016

This week we are having some changes in Jerusalem dojo.
Wednesday session in Jerusalem dojo, from now on, will start at 18:00 till 19:30. The veterans session will start at 19:30 till 21:00.

This Friday, 25.3.2016, 08:00 in Tel Aviv dojo, we will practice Japanese sword techniques.

In all the groups, we will use the AKBAN push hands to integrate all the techniques we have been honing into dynamic drills.

Please bring your punching gloves.

Apart from Jerusalem dojo, all other sessions stay the same.

Video of O-Gyaku kata


Weekend quote – Peter Sheridan

1st quote

Heisenberg’s celebrity uncertainty principle states that the more closely you observe a celebrity, the less accurate the image becomes,
A celebrity cannot be observed and accurately reported simultaneously. The act of observing a celebrity makes accuracy impossible, and conversely getting to the truth of a celebrity makes observation impossible, most likely because they’re locked behind closed doors.

2nd quote

From Celebrity uncertainty principle

This week’s sessions in AKBAN, 13-18.3.2016

Gaby Frischlander will teach Niradin this Friday, 18.3.2016, 08:00 sharp, in Honbu dojo Tel Aviv.
Here’s the link to the Facebook event.

Gaby is the senior instructor of Niradin in Israel and he will teach basic and intermediate skills of Niradin. This workshop is suitable to AKBAN members families and spouses.

During the week we will amalgamate the sabaki and atemi drills we have been conducting. We will combine the Sabaki pushing hands drill with the Jig and the throws.

Please bring gloves and water, these are not easy sessions.

Just a reminder, without regular running, according to the gradual AKBAN fitness program, it is hard, or impossible to do a complete Sabaki push hands session.

Video of hence of Shizen gata – Shinden Fudo ryu


Weekend quote – Brian Eno

1st quote

The problem is that people nearly always prefer what I was doing a few years earlier – this has always been true. The other problem is that so, often, do I! Discovering things is clumsy and sporadic, and the results don’t at first compare well with the glossy and lauded works of the past.

2nd quote


This week in the dojo, 6-11.3.2016

This Friday, 11.3.2016, at 08:00 sharp, in Tel Aviv dojo, we will conduct a Ninjutsu throws seminar with Shmulik Bar Kana Sensei. This seminar is the first in a series dealing with Nage waza in street and randori situations. Here’s a link to the event in Facebook.

This week in the dojo we will continue our exploration into joint locks and the Ukemi that is particular to Togakure ryu. The Togakure ryu ukemi and Karuwaza deal with new possibilities in movement and spatial orientation.

Please bring your punching gloves for the atemi waza.

Koho Tombogaeri


Weekend quote – Van den Berg, Maas , Verheij and Groenewegen

1st quote

The results show that the relationships of stressful life events with number of health complaints and perceived general health were significantly moderated by amount of green space in a 3-km radius.

Respondents with a high amount of green space in a 3-km radius were less affected by experiencing a stressful life event than respondents with a low amount of green space in this radius. The same pattern was observed for perceived mental health, although it was marginally significant.

The moderating effects of green space were found only for green space within 3 km, and not for green space within 1 km of residents’ homes, presumably because the 3-km indicator is more affected by the presence of larger areas of green space, that are supposed to sustain deeper forms of restoration.

These results support the notion that green space can provide a buffer against the negative health impact of stressful life events.

2nd quote

From: Van den Berg, Maas , Verheij and Groenewegen, “Green space as a buffer between stressful life events and health”, Social Science & Medicine, Volume 70, Issue 8, April 2010, Pages 1203–1210, dos:10.1016/j.socscimed.2010.01.002