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2015 AKBAN Year in review

2015 was a fruitful year for us. I visited European dear friends in Hamburg and Athens and ushered a seminars in both centres, we had another international Ninjutsu colloquium, opened two more dojos in Israel, two more in Europe and one in cold, cold, Canada! Gained some 18,000,000 views on our youtube channel, ate many fruits from the Levi farm in north Israel, punched some friends, got punched by them, all the usual stuff. Happy new year, friends!

AKBAN year in images - 2015


Sessions in AKBAN honbu dojo this week, 6-10.12.2015

Hag Hanuka Sameah everybody, Hamburg Ninjutsu Academy is calling and I’ll be flying to teach there next weekend, so there will not be a Friday ECR session.

During the week we will continue to explore both Short Stick, Hanbo Kata and empty hand arm-locks and throws.

Courtesy of the AKBAN Athens, Greece, I am posting a short clip from last week three days seminar I ushered. More to follow.

First Video from AKBAN Athens seminar 2015


Weekend quote – David Haroe

1st quote
Will power is a muscle, if you train it it will get strong. This is also a benefit of the journeys.

At the hours when you find it tough and you are tired of walking or when you need to prepare dinner and you feel you only want to sleep – this is the way the will power muscle grows stronger.

At states of frustration, in a boring walk or when we walk for hours without eating and we do not give up and explode at each other or on ourselves – this is the way that the will power muscle grows and develops.

This is how you learn to control your ship’s helm and to direct it to anywhere you choose.

2nd quote
From ניסים במדבר, דויד הרועה, הוצאת ברפמן גת