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6th international Ninjutsu colloquium in AKBAN and training this week

The Sixth international Ninjutsu Colloquium will take place this Friday, 1.5.2015, at AKBAN Tel Aviv Honbu dojo.

We will be hosting Ninjutsu instructors from Europe and Bujinkan Judans from Israel.

The 6th Colloquium will start at 08:00 sharp till 10:30, May the 1st. this Friday. Please arrive at 07:45 to fill out the forms needed.

Foreign and Israeli instructors are welcome. Please coordinate with me at [email protected]

Simultaneous translation is available during the Colloquium in Japanese, English and French.
70000 views for akban colloquiums

Previous AKBAN Colloquiums were watched, in AKBAN’s YouTube channel, more then 70,000 views by almost 15,000 viewers at an average view time of 18 minutes. We take these astounding numbers as a token of increased interest in Traditional, combat oriented, Ninjutsu and will video and translate this event also.
Take a look at our previous Colloquiums and the Application Requirements here.
The Sixth Colloquium will deal with the way various Ryuha in Takamatsu-den deal with resistance. We will use Kata from main systems to show that some systems meet resistance with stringer resistance, some ‘go with the flow’ while others combine these two modes into an intricate reaction.

The Kata chosen to exemplify each Ryu are:

  1. Oh Gyaku – From Koto Ryu
  2. Renyo – From Gyokku Ryu
  3. Koshi ori – From Takagi Yoshin Ryu
  4. Fuki (Fukan) – From Fudo Ryu
  5. Ryu fu – From Kukishinden Ryu

During the preceding week we will work with these kata to prepare the ground for a thorough exploration in the Colloquium.
See you there,
Yossi Sheriff


Training for this week, 19-24.4.2015

There will be some changes to our training schedule this week because of the Day of Remembrance for the Fallen Soldiers and the Independence Day.
At Tuesday, eve of the Day of Remembrance, we will train until the siren sounds at 20:00. There will be no sessions at Wednesday and Thursday.

At Friday, 24/4/2015, 09:00-11:00, we will open a new training facility at the AKBAN Kfar Bilu in memory of AKBAN student, Elik Aminov. We will do a full punching bag session and randori. Here’s a link to the event on Facebook.

At the Jerusalem, Ramat Hasharon and Tel Aviv dojo we will continue to prepare for the 6th International Ninjutsu Colloquium. Emphasizing syncopated rhythms interchanging with Nagare.

Please be reminded that we decided to change the Kukishinden Kata at this colloquium into Yangi Kaze, also known as Ryu Fu.


Ninjutsu training this week, 12-17.4.2015

  • This Friday, 17/4/2015, we will have a ECR session from 08:00 till 09:30.
  • At Thursday, 16/4/2015 we will have a regular session in Tel Aviv Honbu dojo.
  • Wednesday, because of Holocaust memorial eve, we might have to shorten the session, please call me for details at mid-week.
  • Sunday, Monday and Tuesday sessions will go as planned. Navot and his Northern AKBAN dojo members will attend the Combat Kata session in Tuesday. Here’s a link to the event on Facebook.

In most sessions we will work against kicks, and explore nagare or Daken as a reaction. The Kata groups will learn the 6th international Ninjutsu colloquium kata. The colloquium will take place at May the 1st.


Weekend quote – Philip K. Dick

1st quote

Someday a human being, named perhaps Fred White, may shoot a robot named Pete Something-or-Other, which has come out of a General Electrics factory, and to his surprise see it weep and bleed. And the dying robot may shoot back and, to its surprise, see a wisp of gray smoke arise from the electric pump that it supposed was Mr. White’s beating heart. It would be rather a great moment of truth for both of them.

2nd quote

From The Android and The Human
robot dreams