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Ninjutsu training this week, 1-6.2.2015

This Friday, 6.6.2015, we will have Edge combat research group in honbu dojo.

We are starting the preparation for Amir Haimi Sensei (Alan Moraes BJJ Black Belt, AKBAN Sandan) that will happen in two weeks. We will use Togakure Ryu ground sabaki as a physical preparation. Here’s a link to event page on Facebook.

In all the groups we will hone Nage waza approaches against clinch from two perspectives – the Kukishinden Ryu and the Fudo Ryu perspective.

In the Combat Kata groups we will try to finish learning 3 remaining kata from the Shirabe Moguri gata level.

Video of a throw as a reaction to clinch situation


Weekend quote – Isaiah Berlin

1st quote
The search for a single, overarching ideal because it is the one and only true one for humanity, invariably leads to coercion. And then to destruction, blood—eggs are broken, but the omelette is not in sight, there is only an infinite number of eggs, human lives, ready for the breaking. And in the end the passionate idealists forget the omelette, and just go on breaking eggs.
1st quote


Ninjutsu sessions this week, 25-30.1.2015

This Friday, 30.1.2015, 08:00 sharp, we will have ECR group.

At the dojos we will continue the multiple opponents scenarios from short ranges. In addition to this we will repeat using kicks while closing distance in randori.

The Combat Kata groups will continue working on Kukishinden Ryu Shirabe Moguri Kata. The Tel Aviv CK group will explore Kata preliminaries and exit points using advanced rhythm with Yoni Ben-Dor. We will also check combat language.

Video of inside crescent kick

Video of 4 drills at the beginning of sessions


Ninjutsu sessions for 18-23.1.2015

This Friday, 08:00 sharp, we will have a weapon training instead of the regular ECR group. Due to the specifics of this high intensity session, please bring ear protectors for the Stick techniques. Seriously.

During the week we will repeat the Defense and fighting against multiple opponents. In addition we will learn new techniques for this dangerous situation. We will also repeat, in faster beats, the Kukishinden flowcharts of entering to trapping to grappling.

The Combat Kata groups will change its syllabus this week, but, nevertheless, we will learn two new kata.

Video of the first three Kukishinden flowcharts


Weekend quote – Aggression Research Program, ISR

Violence is a contagious disease.

As with other contagious diseases, if people are exposed to violence, their own risk of behaving violently increases. Yet, unlike most contagious diseases, a person does not need to be very close to the violence in order to be infected with it.

One can catch it at a distance. The infecting exposure can be an exposure to violence right in front of the person or it can be an exposure to distant violence through electronic media.

From “Contagion of Violence Project“, Aggression Research Program of the University of Michigan’s Institute of Social Research


Ninjutsu training this week, 4-9.1.2015

This Friday we are having ECR group in Tel Aviv.

In the dojos we will continue working on integrating sequence number 4 (Kansetsu Waza Junjo) of variations 1,2,4 into more challenging work of Daken Taijutsu. Please do not forget punching gloves, we are upping the intensity.

At the Combat Kata Groups we will learn Yama Otoshi and Tobi CHigai no kata and combine them with sequence 4, variations 1,2.

We are having a Bor Sud at Thursday night. If you worked in a film crew and can dedicate a night, let me know.

Video of sword stances in AKBAN