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This week Ninjutsu sessions, 29.6-4.7.2014

The Jerusalem dojo will conclude the inside dojo sessions this Sunday, and at Wednesday we will train outdoors, for the rest of July and August. We are moving to Gan Havradim, top grass field, near the Supreme court building. I’ll teach preparation for Ninjutsu grade exams and Bokken. Both Sunday and Wednesday sessions end at 20:00.

Ramat Hasharon dojo and AKBAN Tel Aviv are open as usual.
This Friday, 4.7.2014, we are doing sword in Tel Aviv dojo from 08:00.

Weekend quote – Olav H. Hauge

1st quote

That black spot, the one you should hit,
There, at the target’s middle,
Yes, this one —
The one that must get pierced by the arrow!
This one you miss time after time.
You are close, closer, never
Close enough.
And then you kneel, gather the arrows
And try again.
This black spot drives you crazy,
Until you realize:
The place where the arrow stuck, quivering —
It too is center.

2nd quote
From Hebrew translation of “Elvi Burtanum Fjorden” Olav H. Hauge By Sabina Messeg with Hanna-May Sevendal
מתוך הספר: “הנהר שמעבר לפיורד” מאת אולב האוגה, תרגום – סבינה מסג עם חנה-מאי סוונדל


Training this week: outdoor at Thursday and Family Defense and Security seminar at Friday

This Thursday, at the Tel Aviv dojo, we will train at the Gan Haazmaut, at the north side, near the red sculpture, about 40 meters to the side. We will have a special year’s end session with emphasis on Bokken. We’ll start at 18:10 and continue as usual. The rest of the week sessions are as planned.

Friday, 27.6.2014, at 07:30, we will meet at our regular shooting range for the second F.D.S., Family Defense and Security seminar this year – about handguns (Link to event on Facebook). The first FDS seminar that dealt with Vertical Urban Survival (VUS) was ushered by Assaf Hochman from AKBAN Modi’in-Maccabim-Re’ut.

On the FDS Gun seminar on Friday we will focus on the scenario of “Gun in the house”. We used the Methodical Pyramid model to run analyses that deal with protecting children, sabaki with guns inside a family house and shooting safely inside an apartment. Preceding those we will shoot in all the basic stances, relearn gun safety and work out gun malfunctions. The concluding part of the seminar will hone the intermediate skills necessary for the designed scenarios.

Don’t miss these opportunities to learn, even if they are just a fraction of the AKBAN syllabus. Maybe, like me, you do not want to master guns, but learning the basics of Family Defense and Security is not an option, just like learning CPR, it is a matter of professionalism and responsibility.

The Taijutsu sessions this week are as usual and will revolve around the Basic Ninjutsu Stances we start each session with.

Video of Bobi no Kamae

Video of Vertical Urban Survival 1 seminar

Gallery of images from VUS seminar


Training this week in AKBAN, 15-20.6.2014 and Vertical Urban Survival seminar

During this week we are going to practice Ninjutsu as usual in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Ramat Hasharon dojos. At Friday we will have a special seminar. More on that later.

For the Taijutsu this week we will repeat one bifurcation of Oni Kudaki lock and start working on sabaki, distancing and angles.

Family defense and security is a full set of abilities that include more then the narrow field of self defense. Family defense & security, FDS, is the knowledge product of several experts in AKBAN. We applied the analytic tools of the Methodical Pyramid to dissect past and future scenarios involving a civilian protecting his family. From these we devised a set of specialties and training regime. This Friday we will work the first one – Vertical Urban Survival, or VUS. We will check possibilities of entering an apartment on a high rise building, and of evacuating family members. All these will be practiced with our own set of specially developed children protection tools by AKBAN instructors Think Tank. Here’s a link to the event on Facebook. The seminar is fully booked, you can register for another one with your AKBAN instructor.

But wait, there’s more

A week after, at the 27.6.2014, we will have the second family defense and security seminar, a seminar focused on handguns. Using our own instructors we will do handgun safety 101, shoot live ammo from various relevant positions and use Glocks. The seminar will conclude with a special preliminary to the drills we developed for protection of children and shooting in urban and domestic arena.

All the seminars are with instructors from AKBAN who have, apart from Ninjutsu certification also CPR, handguns and rifles and rappelling (abseiling). All our seminars use emotional modulation techniques developed in Detant.

Vertical Urban Survival


Training this week, 8-13.6.2014, and Friday weapon training

This week I will teach as usual only in Jerusalem and Ramat Hasharon dojos. At these sessions, on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday, we will explore the second timing, attack following defense, and try to follow the knowledge of Sabaki Gata level of Kukishinden Ryu.

At Tuesday and Thursday I will come and work the Himum only. One of the instructors will teach instead of me and the material in these sessions will be from his dojo.

This Friday we have a weapon group that will work with emotional modulation and the first sword kata, Itsutsu no Tachi kata.

In the embedded video, Suso Sabaki from the AKBAN wiki, one can see the intricate timing, defense and trap that exemplify the strategic work of the Sabaki Gata level in Kukishin Ryu.


Weekend quote – Alejandro Jodorowsky

1st quote

Sacred art is anonymous, it’s impersonal, when you sign something it is no longer sacred.

2nd quote
From A Conversation with Alejandro Jodorowsky – SXSW 2014 (youtube | min 54:00)

The Master in the video is Zhang Dong Hai, 太极宗师 张东海, he does Сhen style Tai Chi. The video was Produced by Vlad Marsavin, Sofia Vitver | Music: Sergey Perminov | Camera: Vlad Marsavin, Misha Koroteev | Edited by Sergey Perminov.