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Sessions next week and images from the 3rd colloquium

Next week sessions (27.4.2014-1.5.2014) will take place as usual, including Ramat Hasharon dojo.

Last Friday we held the 3rd Ninjutsu colloquium for 2014. I found the proceedings intriguing, even though certain technical questions about adapting Yoroi Kumiuchi (armor fighting) to modern randori did not get answers. We dealt with rhythm of kata and the syncopation that signifies attack. We used the methodical pyramid to offer training methods for these subjects.

I include a link to the gallery in Facebook. It’ll take me about two weeks to edit and upload the insights. I thank all the veterans who came.


Sessions this week, plus the 3rd colloquium – 22-25.4.2014

This Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we will be having the regular schedule at our dojos.
This Friday, April the 25th, at 08:00 sharp we will be at the 3rd Ninjutsu colloquium for 2014, at the Tel Aviv dojo.
We will be working with two kata from the basic level of Kukishinden Ryu:
1. Kubiwa no kata
2. Kataho no kata

Welcome friends,


Photos from the April 2014 Passover weapon seminar in AKBAN

Passover intensive weapon seminar was pure happiness for me. I thank all the veterans who participated. See you at the 3rd colloquium, at April the 25th.

If you are on Facebook, here are the images on the AKBAN Facebook page


Weekend quote – Mark Strand

1st quote

“Who are you and why is this happening?” I asked one of them.
“We are believers and we must keep going,” and then he added, “our work is important and concerns the self.”
“But all your dust is darkening the stars,” I said. “Nay, nay,” he said, “we are only passing through, the stars will return.”

2nd quote
From the prose piece “The Students of the Ineffable” by Mark Strand in Almost Invisible, Knopf 2013


Weapon Passover seminar and full vacation during Chol HaMoed Pesach

This Sunday will be training at the regular schedule in the Jerusalem dojo. Afterwards, from Monday the 14th till Tuesday the 22nd, we will be at the Passover spring vacation. Training will resume on Tuesday the 22nd.

During Chol HaMoed Pesach we will be having the conclusive 2014 weapon seminar (link to FB event) at the Tel Aviv dojo. All AKBAN practitioners are invited at no additional training fees. For students outside AKBAN there are five open admissions at the cost of 470 NIS. The seminar starts at 08:30 on Friday, April the 18th at the Tel Aviv dojo.

Veterans, please bring Hanbo (1 meter) and Boken. Additional weapons will be supplied by the AKBAN armory.

passover 2014 weapon seminar


Ninjutsu sessions for the week of 6-10.4.2014

Training this week, the week before the Passover holiday, will take place as usual and will evolve around speed, rhythm and tempo for winning combats. As we saw in the previous week, a fighter can not use tempo deception without integrating it into his game-play. As my teacher, Doron Navon sensei told me: “Sheriff, learn to dance!”.

Using sequences 2 and 3 we will continue to explore rhythm changes in Kukishinden Ryu kata Syncopation and in randori. Only after working with movement and line of sight deception through Gyokko Ryu’s Ku no Kata we can move and explore speed and rhythm. Using Rami L. technology we will advance from resting speeds into faster, aerobic pace.

Several terms are important to better understand deception in combat. Whoever employs deception in conflict and succeeds, rules the conflict. A combat situation that involves only power and speed is missing a crucial element. The speed, rhythm and tempo of the sequences are an advanced deception. Using the Methodical pyramid we analyse battles, conflicts and sport matches and observe the different rhythm and tempo requirements of different disciplines.

In the two videos attached we can observe examples from two different disciplines that use rhythm and tempo. Roy Jones Junior is a superb boxer that first and foremost controls the basic building blocks of a fighter: he is fit, he packs immensely strong punches and, most important, he controls distance with an amazing footwork and sabaki. The thing that distinguishes Jones in this collection of Knockouts, is his use of tempo and rhythm changes for deception. To the untrained eye it might be easier to see this when he uses, again and again, a slow circular windmill movement deception that always surprises because of the changed tempo.

The second video is of TSKSR kata. In the Katori kata many sequences, each one of them finishes the fight, are crammed together into a continues short kata. This one is good learning material because we get to see and hear both the syncopation that ends each sub sequence and the Katori kiai that denotes these syncopation.

Let me remind that is part of my effort to prepare the knowledge background for the 3rd colloquium that will take place after the Passover Holiday, at Friday, April the 25th. 08:00 sharp. Here’s a link to the 3rd colloquium event on Facebook.

Training seminar in Passover

After the Seder, Friday, April the 18th, at 08:30 we are having a weapon seminar in the Tel Aviv dojo (link to the Passover weapon seminar on Facebook). This seminar will substitute for the missing session during the holiday. Call the dojo at 052-5108747. The seminar is free for AKBAN members.


Weekend quote – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

1st quote

Looking at the outside manifestations of the angry will show you they are insane. They share the same features as a lunatic: an aggressive swagger, a twisted eyebrow, a ferocious expression, a quickness to the walking pace, fidgety hands, a changed complexion, a fast and aggressive breathing – these are the signs of the angry man; his eyes spit fire, his face is red with blood that sprouts from the sewer of his guts, his mouth trembles, his teeth are clenched, his hair bristles and stands on end, his breath is laborious, his joints squeak, his voice is uncontrolled, he speaks stupidities, claps his hands, stamps the ground; his whole body is excited and geared toward threatening and intimidating.

2nd quote

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