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Weekend quote – Willard Van Orman Quine

1st quote

Physical objects are conceptually imported into the situation as convenient intermediaries — not by definition in terms of experience, but simply as irreducible posits, comparable, epistemologically, to the gods of Homer.

Let me interject that for my part I do, qua lay physicist, believe in physical objects and not in Homer’s gods; and I consider it a scientific error to believe otherwise. But in point of epistemological footing the physical objects and the gods differ only in degree and not in kind.
2nd quote

Quote from W.V.O. Quine, “Two Dogmas of Empiricism”, From a Logical Point of View (Harvard University Press, 1953; second, revised, edition 1961)


Training in AKBAN for the week of 23-28.2.2014

This week, in all central dojos, we will work with two versions of sacrifice throws and use short range kicks in combination with the sabaki we have been doing lately.

Please do not forget to bring punching gloves as we always validate our Ninjutsu with randori.
For questions, please call me at:052-5108747

The sessions start with Ninjutsu kamae followed by the himum. The session ends with Randori.

We upload selected Ninjutsu lessons to the Ninjutsu training category at the AKBAN wiki.


Ninjutsu sessions for 16-21.2.2014, new dojos and instructors

I am happy that two experienced veterans, Nadav and Shmulik, managed, in the recent months, to open two highly successful dojos, at Neria and Zafed.

When a black belts graduates from my academy they do not have to continue carrying the AKBAN name. This is why continuing to work together, and carrying our name is a tough choice that shows respect and responsibility for the community. I honor this and put myself at the service of this growing roster of veterans.
Well done, friends, and Godspeed.

This week we are working on Ninjutsu throws from the blue belt syllabus while honing the combat versions of Koku No kata. We will add another technique to the street team work.

We had a great beginning to 2014 at the 1st AKBAN colloquium for this year. In about three weeks we will meet at the second 2014 colloquium, at March the 7th. You can join the event in this link, or at the event page at Facebook.


Weekend quote – Murray Carter

1st quote

Those without dreams are without ideals.
Those without ideals are without beliefs.
Those without beliefs are without plans.
Those without plans are without actions.
Those without actions are without results.
Those without results are without happiness.

2nd quote
Quote from Murray Carter, Certified 17th generation Yoshimoto lineage bladesmith.


Training this week (9-14.2.2014) at the AKBAN dojos

We are training as usual at all the AKBAN dojos this week. A reminder, we are back at the Hayarkon 294 Tel Aviv dojo.
This week we will explore coordinated small team empty hand defense work as it appears in Koto Ryu techniques and use high and medium level of violence together with Kansetsu waza.

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AKBAN news – Judo seminar this week, new official T-shirts

This week, at the Jerusalem dojo (Tedi stadium) we are hosting Kenji Mitsumoto from Japan for a Judo Throws intensive seminar. The seminar takes place at 18:15, this Wednesday, 5.2.2014 at our regular Jerusalem dojo.
Here’s a link to the facebook event (Judo seminar FB event)

On Tuesday and Thursday we are back at our renovated Tel Aviv dojo, Hayarkon 294 St. Ramat Hasharon dojo, business as usual. We are continuing the theme from last week and getting deeper into Kansetsu waza and Nage waza.

New T-shirts

Shmulik the instructor is now taking down pre-orders for the AKBAN official 2014 T-shirt. Whether it’s a Dri-FIT for marathons, black stealth cotton for the dojo or desert gathering brown, he’s got you covered.
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Contact Shmulik at: SMS 052-3380733 Or mail shmulxdogs [ at ]