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Weekend quote: Pinkas Hashetah Shel AKBAN

1st quote

Simplicity: a clear line separates simplicity from asceticism. Asceticism is alien to the outside and so is un-necessary, it gets in the way.

Asceticism comes from somewhere else and is fueled by strange emotions. It does not react to what is happening outside but is activated from the inner scape. The minimalism that is the heart of our outside style is not ascetic but enjoys it’s assets. So the sparseness of the things we have stems from efficiency, burden reduction and lightness of movement. Things that are simple and multi-useful are to be preferred.

Simplicity is not an ethical thing, the simplicity of our equipment begets pragmatism and speed of movement.

2nd quote



Planned Ninjutsu techniques for Jerusalem dojo – 19.12.2012

Using Koto Ryu techniques and Fudo Ryu kata insights we will continue to explore Ninjutsu perspectives in grappling.

The sessions will start with Ninjutsu kamae followed by the himum.

Concise video summery of these session will be uploaded to Ninjutsu training category at the AKBAN wiki.

Video of Ninjutsu Koshi nage

Jerusalem Martial arts academy – AKBAN


The planned syllabus at Sunday, 16.12.2012, Jerusalem dojo

We will use the Koto Ryu kata we learned last Wednesday and integrate these as drills for Randori.

The session will start in the Jerusalem dojo (052-5108747) at 18:00 with Ninjutsu Kamae and then the power Himum.

Video from this session will be uploaded later this week into Ninjutsu training in video category on the AKBAN wiki.

Video of Shisen no kata – Koto ryu