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Sunday in Jerusalem dojo – 18.11.2012

November 17, 2012
Yossi Sheriff

Even though the Jerusalem dojo is equipped with a bomb shelter, many veterans will be absent from session today because of the security situation, I will try to video each lesson’s important drills and upload these the day after to the news section and to the Practicing in difficult times, at the wiki. This way, even if not at the dojo, Akbanauts can still practice.

We start today, as usual, with the moto gata from Ninjutsu kamae. After doing the fitness routine, the Himum, we will continue with Tai sabaki combined with punching and kicking drills.

Here’s my first attempt, from last week’s Wednesday session, of videoing the sabaki kicking drill we did. Practice safely, but keep on training.

Video of Sabaki drill for kicking after punching

Jerusalem dojo – AKBAN

Weekend quote – Michael Zohary

November 15, 2012
Yossi Sheriff

1st quote

Try to grasp the professional terms, because this is how you succeed. If you have not made the correct definition, go back and check, you might have the data wrong or the constituents.

Sometimes you get to the correct definition only after a long path of re-checking all the plant’s parts – even then you do not lose, you have gained a lot of knowledge on the way.

2nd quote

מתוך – מגדיר חדש לצמחי ישראל

ואמרת בלבבך

Wednesday in Jerusalem dojo – 14.11.2012

November 13, 2012
Yossi Sheriff

We start this Wednesday with the Battle stances and moto gata and follow up with the Himum. Afterwards, in both training sessions, we will develop one part of Gyokko ryu techniques – Shoshin Gata.

At the second session we are going to repeat the ballistic short stick defenses we learned.

Video of Moto gata of Jumonji no Kamae

Jerusalem Martial arts – AKBAN

Another personal record – 2012 AKBAN 24 Hrs

Yossi Sheriff

This Friday (9.11.2012) at 16:00, I finished the most difficult and excruciating training session I have ever done. It was a present I gave myself towards my approaching 50th birtday – I have finished a brilliant 24 hour – nonstop sparring. It was extreme, at times it was close to impossible, it was beautiful.

The AKBAN “24” starts at 16:00, continues through the night, with no sleep or rest, and concludes at next day’s sunset, at 16:00. Only few minutes are allowed every hour and these are devoted to streching and replenishing callories. After these five minutes we change partners and continue sparring (striking, kicking, throws and ground work) for another hour. AKBAN Academy members were documented for the Guiness book of records in 2003 (Hebrew link), then, because of a rare October heat wave, we were stopped by the resident M.D. required by Guiness because many were becoming dehidrated. The AKBAN fitness routine prepares us well – We have done Marathons and Ultras, but this “24” is the toughest, most difficult thing we do.

I would like to commend all those veterans who came, and for some reason, could not stand on their feet and had to stop, this time. Coming for a “24”, with the severe weather we had, is an corageous thing, and giving the sparring all you got is the goal itself. It is no secret that at the 2003 and 2004 “24” I had to stop and rest. The way you gave this session your best inspires me – thank you!

For many reasons (mainly because we had a severe weather warning) I cancelled all the TV crews and photographers that were comming to document our stragle. It was for the best. With no worries, no social scene to take care of, I was free for the first time in many years to fight this one myself, and fight I did because of the star veterans team I had with me on the mountain this year.

In a stark contrast to the 2004 freak hail storm (Hebrew link) we had, the mountain’s Kami hugged us with the most spectacular lightning storm we have ever seen. For hours, the western horizon, sometimes as close as the near Summits, was lit by the dangerous and illuminating lightning strikes. On both sides of the mountain it rained, but we felt only few drops and enjoyd the benevolence of a daytime protective cloud cover that cleared, on demand, at sunset.

I am full of gratitude and respect to AKBAN instructors who were my amazing sparring partners: Navot Tamari headmaster of Pardes Hana AKBAN dojo, Elad Nagar headmaster of Haifa dojo, Assaf Hochman headmaster of Modiin Reut dojo, Lior Katz headmaster of Rehovot dojo. Also big hugs and thanks to the black belts I fought with through the long night: Yuval, Guy, Carmel, Ran, Raam. Thank you all, my friends, may God bless you. See you next year at the AKBAN “24”.

Video of the AKBAN “24” – November 2012

Group photo of the November 2012 “24”

AKBAN 24 - November 2012

Tuesday in Tel Aviv dojo – 13.11.2012

November 12, 2012
Yossi Sheriff

We start today, as usual, with the Ninjutsu Kamae we repeat every session and after that the Himum.

After going over intermediate combos we will train for the rest of the 1st session with Ninjutsu armlocks and throws.

At the second session we will train with some kata from Kukishinden ryuSabaki gata level.

Video of Kuruma dori kata – Kukishinden

Tel Aviv Ninjutsu – AKBAN

Monday in Ramat Hasharon dojo – 12.11.2012

November 11, 2012
Yossi Sheriff

We start today, as usual, with the Ninjutsu Kamae we repeat every session and after that the Himum.

This Monday we will quickly go over the basic ballistic short stick attacks and defenses. Much of the lesson will be exploring Takagi Yoshin Ryu kata of sutemi waza.

We will conclude this session with Randori and striking combos.

Video of Ugari no kata, Sutemi waza in Fudo ryu