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Sunday in Jerusalem dojo – Ushiro Kaiten, Ushiro geri

This Sunday, starting at 18:00 at the Jerusalem dojo, we will use the Ushiro Geri and the Ninjutsu Ushiro Kaiten as a primer for spatial orientation against multiple opponents situation.

Ukemi and Kaiten waza in Ninjutsu are used in AKBAN not only as means to dissipate the energy of a fall but in the same way Karuwaza, Ninjutsu acrobatics, is used – as techniques to achieve spatial orientation.

In our academy’s syllabus a Ninjutsu somersault will be used to prepare the body and vestibular system for the high speed falls and balistic conditions of combat.

Video of a Ninjutsu backward somersault in AKBAN


Hag Budo, end of the yearly syllabus – October 2012

We will be celebrating the end of the yearly Ninjutsu techniques syllabus at the restaurant of one of AKBAN veterans, the highly acclaimed Mazaki Yemenite delicatessen in Rehovot. At 26.10.2012, starting from 11 AM we will meet and eat at Arlozorov 85, Rehovot, at the Mazaki restaurant.

We will enjoy the ‘kid popular’ meatballs in red sauce, fragrant rice with broad beans, ice cold beer for the non-drivers and ice cold Kvass for the drivers, Hilbe, Hummus, fiery Zhug and Malabi.

Bring your kids and come join us celebrating another year of dojo time.

You can register here by pressing this widget, or just come.
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hag budo 2012

Tuesday in Tel Aviv dojo – Ukemi waza and improving timing

We start at the 18:00 session with Ukemi and Kaiten waza against Ura gyaku and Oni Kudaki. Using yoko sabaki we will work timing drills against front and back fudo ken.

The second session will dive even deeper into timing sequences in grappling situations. Using Fudo ryu kata from several levels we will combine striking and throws.

Video of Shizen no gata henka – Fudo ryu

Tel Aviv Ninjutsu – AKBAN