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Weekend quote – Dan

1st quote

I held the map flat on the ground and the wind flapped it. The map got a little tear at one corner, near my hand. When Sand came and looked he saw the tear and said: “It’s not a big deal because now we won’t be going there”. I felt wrong and quickly folded the map. While folding it I watched another area starting to rip. I said nothing and put it inside the bag, but I guess that now we won’t be going there either.

2nd quote
מתוך “טיפוס על עצים להולכי רגל” – דן השמשוני
desert gathering - once


Thursday in new Tel Aviv dojo – Trapping the hands in Ninjutsu kata

UPDATE: October the 25th, We’re back at 294 Hayarkon St. 


Another dojo building session will start at 16:30 today, so veterans who can spare the time can come at 16:30 to help build, clean and make the new dojo better.

Starting at 18:00 in our new Tel Aviv dojo (193 Ben Yehuda St.) we will do striking combos while retreating and then explore the various ways Takamatsu den Ryuha deal with the opponent’s hands while entering to grappling.

Video of a basic Ninjutsu Kouchi gari


Thursday in the Tel Aviv dojo – Attacking during retreating

UPDATE: October the 25th, We’re back at 294 Hayarkon St. 



Today, at the new Tel Aviv Dojo at 193 Ben Yehuda St., starting from 18:00, we will continue the kata from last week.
On today’s agenda will be different techniques of attack during sabaki backwards. We will use punches, kicks and even joint locks while openeing distance.

Video of the basic Attacking retreat drill

Tel Aviv Ninjutsu – AKBAN