Posts from August 2012

Wednesday in Jerusalem dojo – 9th day of Blitz

August 14, 2012
Yossi Sheriff

We are training today on the grass near the supreme court starting from 18:00 till 20:00.

Many veterans have been incorporating ground techniques, ne waza, that we have augmented from BJJ. To check out the range of BJJ techniques we have documented on the AKBAN wiki you can go to BJJ portal.

Video of Tani otoshi in sparring to half guard – Blitz 2012

Jerusalem Ninjutsu – AKBAN

Tuesday in Tel Aviv – 8th day of Blitz

August 13, 2012
Yossi Sheriff

As I look at the sparring that is happening in the dojos I notice a great trend, more Akbanauts are using the versatile Ninjutsu syllabus we have been working on. All the Ninjutsu training are sprouting intricate throws and effective ground work.

We are starting today, as always in August, at 18:00 at the Tel Aviv dojo and we will conclude at 20:00.

Video of half clinch to Gan seki in sparring – 2012 blitz

Sunday in Jerusalem – 7th day of Blitz

August 11, 2012
Yossi Sheriff

The sparring level is getting better as we invest more time and efforts into the intense randori that is the focal point of the Blitz month.
This time I am posting a regular sparring between two veteran Akbanauts. Since there are no mistakes, there is no need to blur faces. Nice sparring.

Video of careful distancing while sparring – 2012 Blitz

Jerusalem Ninjutsu – AKBAN