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Weekend quotes – Laird Hamilton

1st quote

Fearlessness is ignorance, and it’s lack of respect – If you’re not scared then you don’t have respect. There’s no way on earth you can go out and look at waves of that magnitude and not respect it enough to fear it.

This whole “no fear” concept – in a way there is no such thing. If you don’t have fear than it’s just a matter of time.

My favorite old saying is, “There are old pilots and there are bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots.”

2nd quote

From Surfer Magazine August 2003


Dancing into martial art – Egypt and Rajastan

Sometimes we rejoice in a little mystery. Instead of trying to reveal it all one can embrace the intangible. It is happier this way, more exciting.

When I was young, years ago, we played a bad game. My kindergaten teacher gave a kid a wrapped box. Then one kid would open the outer wraps, pass it on to another kid and at the end the so called “winner” would be left with some stupid eraser. Why open it? The box can sit, unopened, till the very end 

Insights about martial arts can be this wrapped secret, this is why I love Ninjutsu Kata.

To is it should all be revealed as quickly as possible. This lack of patience is the mark of very disturbed kids. Everything should be understood immediately.  

Maybe just a little bit, a hint. When I look at the video my Yoga teacher, Nir Adin, posted I see the Yoko Aruki step, I see work against several opponents, but even more – I see harmony. As we, martial arts practitioners sometimes guess, not all humans come to attack us, the majority just want to interact.

These insights, these experiences, are embedded inside many folk dances, from Egyptian Tahtib to the dance done during the Holi festival in Rajastan. Here is the mesmerizing thing.

Video of multiple friend – opponent dance, Rajastan