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Weekend quote – Slavoj Zizek

July 19, 2012
Yossi Sheriff

1st quote

Desiring property and power is legitimate insofar as it enables an individual to achieve independence from others. Adversaries in conflict, however, each have a natural tendency always to demand more. Nothing is enough for them, and they are never satisfied. They do not know how to stop themselves; they know no limits. Desire demands more, much more then need.

2nd quote
Violence, Slavoj Zizek
Image by Brian Scott

Tuesday in Tel Aviv Dojo – The importance of Uchikomi, Combo July 3.3

July 16, 2012
Yossi Sheriff

After working on basic Morote seoi nage Uchikomi and Harai Goshi Uchikomi we are focusing on Sutemi waza Uchikomi and finishing the session with Daken combinations.

Even three weeks of meticulous Uchikomi improved our Nage waza immensly. We will continue with this practice until the August blitz.

Video of Yoko Sutemi in Fudo ryu kata

Ninjutsu tel Aviv – AKBAN