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Tuesday in Tel Aviv dojo – Last day of July combo

We will work with all the throw Uchi Komi and incorporate strike combinations.
The second session will be stick fighting only.
From the beginning of August we will have the Tel Aviv blitz every Tuesday and Thursday from 18:00-20:00. So for the August blitz there will be no second Tuesday session.

I am linking to a great Kashiwazaki tutorial of Sutemi waza and especially tomoe nage. To get to the tutorial go to minute 14:00 onward

Video tutorial of Judo Tomoe nage by Kashiwazaki

Tel Aviv Ninjutsu – AKBAN


Weekend quote – Joël Robuchon

1st quote
The perfect meal does not exist. It could well be a slice of toasted bread and some melted cheese, or fondue, shared with a friend.

You cannot organize or anticipate good times or ideal meals. It’s a question of simplicity, spontaneity, good times with friends. Most often, it’s only later, long after you’ve experienced a great meal, that you realize, in retrospect, how wonderful and how perfect it really was.
2nd quote
From Simply French: Patricia Wells Presents the Cuisine of Joel Robuchon

Perfect meal near the super Rujum

Perfect meal near the super Rujum


Kong fu against a knife wielding murderer

July the 2nd, at China’s Guizhou Normal University was the scene of a brutal knife attack. A mentally disturbed student armed with a 50 cm, large machete like knife barged into the campus towards the cafeteria. As the security guards were trying to stop him, two were stabbed to death.

What we can see in the car’s side view mirror is a Kong Fu practitioner (probably Zhang Huaiqian) waiting patiently for the correct moment. The attacker that uses a long pole at the beginning draws the knife, turns around and stabs the security guard, when he turns away the Kong fu hero proceeds to knock him down with a high flying kick and then proceeds, with several bystanders, to strike the attacker into submission.

A truly brave display of courage and ability.

Video of a kong fu defense against a knife attack

If you can not see the clip here, go to the original clip at you.ku