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Today in Jerusalem dojo – working within the opponent’s strikes

We are continuing the work we have been doing inside the striking range of the opponent and between his potential hooks. Moving from side to side using Jodan Yuke we will interchange Osoto gake with Harai goshi (Kukishin ryu) to meet the attacks in the inside range.

This is a continuation of the ‘two on one’ perpective we are currently honing.

Video of applying Ninjutsu Jodan yuke from distance

Jerusalem ninjutsu – AKBAN


Miles Kessler Sensei opens up an new Aikido beginner’s course

One of the more prominent martial arts teachers in Israel, Miles Kessler Sensei (5th Dan black belt), opens up a new Aikido class for beginners, in Tel Aviv.

I met Miles when he agreed to document Aikido weapon techniques on the AKBAN wiki. He did this brilliantly, I was amazed by his flawless technique and his spiritual orientation.
Recently I heard from one of his students that a new opportunity opens up to learn basic Aikido, it’s techniques, principles and philosophy in just over 6 weeks.

Aikido is a wonderful martial art and this is the best way to enter it, learning with a top notch instructor who was an Uchideshi for 8 years at Iwama dojo – Japan, a patient and thorough instructor.

FREE introduction evening on 28\6\2012

I just dug up the facebook event page and here’s the phone number: 03-562-4164. Give them a call. You will love it.

Aikido Beginners course - Tel Aviv

New Ninjutsu portal

I can write and say a lot here, but I think that I can sum it up by this: New Ninjutsu portal on the wiki, linked fro the top bar too, Missing a lot, but still the biggest resource on the net for Ninjutsu techniques.
Have a good weekend.


Thursday in Tel Aviv dojo – Ninjutsu arm drag

After repeating Santo no kata against a knife attack, we are extending our technical skills we will approach the ‘two on one’ position from a striking situation. Being able to close the distance and then work reciprocally between Te Makura, Osoto gake, Seoe and Kata Guruma will be the core of today’s session.

Video of Setto no Kata, a traditional approach to O Gyaku

Tel Aviv Ninjutsu – AKBAN


Tuesday in Tel Aviv dojo – Kibisu gaeshi and other throws

We will start at the first session with one kata against a straight knife thrust. The session will continue with applying Kibisu gaeshi and striking combos against an opponent’s front jab.

Second, veteran session, will start with advanced empty hand against knife and continue to various hand throws against a fudo ken.

Video of a Ninjutsu empty hand against a knife kata

Tel Aviv Ninjutsu – AKBAN