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Today in Jerusalem dojo – The underestimated Underhook

May 20, 2012
Yossi Sheriff

We are continuing our Jointlocks study with a renewed look into the Ninjutsu underhook, or as it’s called, Ganseki (nage or otoshi). This highly important lock is also a wrestling hold and a positioning help.
We will use the GAnseki in conjunction with Sukui nage and Tani Otoshi throws.

Video of Sukuki nage in Ninjutsu

Jerusalem Ninjutsu – AKBAN

Today in Jerusalem dojo – Armlocks in 1st, using the opponent’s attack at 2nd

May 16, 2012
Yossi Sheriff

At the first session today we will continue with exploring the relations between armlocks and striking distances.

At the second, veteran session, we will work with tsuki punches and later with jabs, and use the momentum to initiate techniques.

Video of a tsuki punch

Jerusalem Ninjutsu – AKBAN

Today in Tel Aviv dojo – Armlocks from the advanced levels

May 15, 2012
Yossi Sheriff

We are going to analyse and explore the kata from the upper levels of Fudo, Kukishin and Takagi ryu. Utilizing an approach of daken before closing distance and interaction between different locks. We will train mainly with shoulder locks.

Video of a pass between elbow lock and a shoulder lock

Tel Aviv Ninjutsu – AKBAN

Download the methodical pyramid on the amazon kindle

May 9, 2012
Yossi Sheriff

For many years I have been using a systematic model to plan the intersection between a very traditional martial art and the modern warfare that shadows us here, in Israel. I wrote it about 15 years ago and posted it in Hebrew and on our English site (Methodical pyramid on It is still here, free for all.

From today you can download the Kindle edition of the core AKBAN training plan – (Methodical pyramid – Kindle edition).

Preserving the respect and spiritual frame that stems from our Ninjutsu is a heritage I owe to my teacher, Doron Navon. During the 15 years I spent as his student I had many opportunities to watch him grapple with the necessary hard realities of self defense situations and at the same time maintaining a very spiritual perspective.

I think that for the AKBAN instructors the years ahead must be a time of further exploring, both of the hard realities of self defense and warfare and the spiritual insights of our very unique disciplin.

Video of last year gun seminar in AKBAN