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Lord Northbourne – Weekend quote, 23.12.2011

Mechanical efficiency is the ideal of materialism, but unless it is subservient to and disciplined by the spirit, it can take charge and destroy the spirit.

In life, though not in mechanics, the things of the spirit are more real than material things. They include religion, poetry, and all the arts. They are the mainspring of culture which can make life worth while.
Farming is concerned primarily with life, so if ever in farming the material aspect conflicts with the spiritual or cultural, the later must prevail, or all that which matters most in life will be lost…

Farming must be on the side of religion, poetry and the arts rather than on the side of business, if ever the two sides conflict.

Lord Northbourne – Look to the Land

Thoughts about giving, learning and teaching

Every year I make it a point to donate my time for some kids who want to learn martial arts and can not afford to pay for it.

This makes me happy and this way I return the gift my instructor, Doron Navon, once gave me when he allowed me to train even though my mother did not have enough to pay for dojo fees.

This year I am fortunate enough to be teaching a wonderful youth group in Tel Aviv, about thirty kids.

My friend, Shai Reshef, sees a far horizon from his lofty perspective, he sees more then 30 kids, he sees a change. He once told me: “I want people to be able to learn higher education, not only read the news”.

And that’s what he did, after only three years he built the world’s accredited people’s University that teaches students from Israel, Haiti, Egypt, well, actually from every country where there are students who can not afford University tuition. 1200 students from 121 countries, so far.

Every dollar contributed to the pays the tuition of an able student who would otherwise be doomed to a life of cultural and economic poverty.

I think my teacher would have approved. I intend to donate not only time but money in this round of contributions. Maybe you would choose to do the same.

Here’s a link

Yossi Sheriff


Otake Risuke, Weekend quotes – 16.12.2011

When I consider what is happening today in the world I cannot help but regret that people everywhere are too eager to search after that which they think is new, to the gross neglect of things old, and never realizing that whatever is being rejected at an alarming rate of increase is that which is intrinsically good.

This tendency is nonetheless true in today so-called world of Budo (Martial ways). The number of persons who engage in Budo training is increasing and some competent instructors are endeavoring to transmit the correct values of Budo to their students.

But what is most deplorable is that the majority of Budo forms being thought today are quite different in form and spirit from those of the original classical ones.

Today’s Budo has lost its original flavor and has become simply a recreative pastime for the general public.

Written by Otake Risuke Minamoto-no-Takeyuri, the headmaster of Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu
At Miyashimo, Chiba perfecture
December 1976