Posts from August 2011

End of Ninjutsu sparring month in Israel

We just finished a month long sparring session that started everyday in the afternoon and ended when night fell. It was hot, it was humid, it was tough, but most of all it was fun.

Old friends from AKBAN all over Israel met together and improved combat Ninjutsu skills. We believe the traditional Ninjutsu kata should be augmented with full contact sparring.

Training of the new year will start in all the dojos after September the 1st.

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Basic punches and strikes in Ninjutsu

The first batch of the Kihon video was uploaded to our YouTube channel yesterday. I am trying to make the videos short but informative. On this session I was helped by the wonderful work of Shodan Nadav Dayan, Raam Manzur, Shmulik Bar Kana and Or Z.

This video is a preliminary for our ”’iPhone app”’ which is due in September.

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