Posts from April 2011

6 New Gyokko Ryu kata on the Akban wiki

We have resumed the documentation of Gyokko ryu kata. Today I have uploaded six kata from the Chu ryaku no maki level. These kata are in an easy pace to allow training with an additional slow motion repeat at the end.
Some of the kata are Muto dori, that is – empty hand against a weapon.

list of new martial art techniques

# Horaku
# Kou
# Shien
# U jaku
# Ko rai
# Seito

All of the articles have been written in צ’ו ריאקו נו מאקי in Hebrew.


Omote Gyaku armlock – insight video

After some preparations that took me over a year, I am now ready to continue documenting my Ninjutsu perspectives.

I am going to start the series with the most basic understandings about traditional Ninjutsu in combat. Applying Koryu kata in Randori has been one of my main themes in the dojo since I started teaching at 1986. It’s time to explore this outside Akban.


New site design

Two months ago we set, two code kings: Keith Harris, Yehuda Gilead and me at Yehuda’s cozy living room, drowning in PHP code. After trying some jquery script I suddenly asked Yehuda and Keith one question: “How can we tell new visitors all the complex facets of our academy?”. Yehuda had an idea: “show them” he said, “tell our story”.

So we did, on our front page. We added images of the core values of our martial arts endeavor: Tradition, research, fitness, zen, technology and the reasons we train outside. We linked them all from great images taken by my cousin, the awesome photographer Daniel Sheriff.

God bless them all, I can now return to my project and document techniques for our wiki.