Posts from August 2009

BJJ seminar this Saturday

Alan Moraes, a expert instructor from Carlson Gracie Rio de Janeiro dojo, is opening up the last lesson (22.8.2009) for all Akban veterans.

Professor Moraes, who came to Israel from Brazil, finishes a week long concentrated seminar on advanced Brazillian Jiu Jitsu.
Interested veterans can call their instructor, in Hebrew, here.


Ernesto Hoost, Next week in Akban

Ernesto Hoost, “Mr. Perfect”, will be teaching in Akban next week.
August is both the sparring month and the seminar month in Akban martial arts school. A seminar with Mr. Hoost, a K1 champion, a great person and a fighter with only 20 loses out of 119 fights is just the thing we need.
Mr. Hoost will be emphasizing fine kickboxing techniques that further enhance the varied capabilities we learn in our school.
For details contact (in Hebrew sorry) your martial art instructor .