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How to survive the Akban fitness program

I’ve been doing the Akban fitness program for years, I like the fact that it’s gradual and allows me to stay fit even now, when I’m a bit older.
As every trainee knows, even in best health there are off days, days when we preform below our standard. Number of studies have discovered, or more accurately, rediscovered the fact that a cup of coffee before exercise or competition can up our performance.
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Server upgrade

Initially we weren’t prepared for so many visitors, bandwidth and database functions – so last month we had several hours of downtime due to server overload.
We migrated servers to one lightly better. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Why don’t we post more front page news

This web site is very active, active in a web 1.0 kind of way. During the last months our extremely lean crew (recession and other problems has decimated the number of active people working on the Akban project by half) continued to write new articles and martial art techniques to the Akban-wiki.
If you’ll take a look at our recent wiki changes you’ll notice a lot of garble if you do not have Hebrew installed on your computer – we’re translating our initial data into Hebrew on the same database.

Our documenting abilities are a bit more sophisticated now – we document all the new krav maga techniques in HD video.