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Research shows an unsteady diet may reduce lifespan

Recent research by Glasgow University may draw a connection between “crash dieting” (a term given to an unsteady diet with large fluctuations in daily food intake) and a lesser lifespan. During the research, scientists

“observed that fish given a “binge then diet” food regime had a reduced lifespan of up to 25%.”

This ties in with the simple rule that dieting alone cannot be a substitute for exercise. A weight loss regime that does not include exercise can force us into abnormal eating patterns, such as a “binge then diet” pattern, while not doing much to help us lose weight.



Building your own Iron Man suit

With the “Iron Man” movie release, the next few months are sure to see a flood of Iron Man must-have toys and gadgets. However, those more concerned with self-defense will not be satisfied with these trinkets. They will of course, like myself, want to build their own Iron Man suit in order to deal with common threats such as muggers, terrorists and roving bands of mutant ninja zombies.

At first this may seem like another botched garage DIY job, but as the guys at WIRED explain, creating your own full body armor isn’t as complicated as it seems:

The Canadian’s latest Trojan rig is comparatively portable, said to weigh just 40lb all-up. It is armoured with “high-impact plastic lined with ceramic bullet protection over ballistic foam”, and supposedly has resisted elephant-gun fire in testing. This time Hurtubise wasn’t inside, but he has said he’s willing to conduct live-fire trials in person.

Akban’s “Essential self-defense equipment” list also includes:
The Akban AHMD helmet

The Akban SUV

link to the article


Mind reading devices taking control of video games

Last month Emotive announced another device that’s claiming to bridge the gap between thoughts and video game controllers.
The device reads EEG and transforms them into electrical signal to be used in a variety of systems.
This is not the first device that takes the gamer one step closer into the realm where virtual fighting can simulate reality. We reported on the Wii controller earlier this year.
I am not too happy about these tech development as I do not think anything can take the place of the Dojo. But I also know for sure – nothing will stop technology. Is this the beginning of the end for martial arts? We have already seen flight drones replacing real pilots. Are UFC fighters the obvious next step?


Necessity of outside training in karate – Okinawa and Hawaii

A refreshing article describes training outside in Karate as a necessary part of the student’s regime.
The writer of the article, who practices old school Chibana Chosin Shorin Ryu and Ryukyu Kobudo, writes about old school karate groups that used to go out in Okinawa and practice in the dark of night.
I enjoyed reading about other martial arts and schools that like us, in Akban, use the benefits and the real advantage of training outside.

There is absolutely no substitute to outside training, a person who learned stepping only inside a dojo will be missing an important aspect of combat and will also have many other deficits that will inhibit his growth in martial arts. This is especially important in these modern times when everything that surrounds us is urban and man made.
link to the Karate article


UFC organization signs another major deal with advertisers

The mixed martial arts media company of the UFC signed another deal with Anheuser-Busch, the manufacturers of Bud Light, the world’s best-selling beer.
This adds to another major deal with Harley Davidson. Both of these deals show the huge support and mainstream acceptance of this rising form of spectator sport.
I think I can safely predict the future popularity of this gladiator sport form and it’s heroes.


Four Budo Ninjutsu students passed the 1st kyu tests

Four students passed the brown belt tests with flying colors.
These tests necessitate more then 6-7 years of dojo training and are a preliminary to the long time it takes (13 years)to collect enough experience for the 1st Dan (black belt) in dojos that graduated the Akban school.
Three veterans oversaw the tests that included all of the 1st kyu material in the test book.
Link to the Budo Ninjutsu grade requirements with videos of the techniques.
Not all schools need such a long time to prepare the students. We do and we still have mixed feelings about it.