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Koto ryu martial art system – videos added

Five more martial arts technique from the koryu school of Koto ryu have been added to the martial arts database. We expect several more years of repeating and improving before the conclusion of the Bujinkan curriculum in the Akban-wiki.
As for documenting other martial arts like Karate and various Kong fu schools that interest us, we think that this will be a decades long project.
New Koto ryu kata in video:
1. Hoteki no kata
2. Keto no kata
3. Hosoku no kata
4. Saku geki no kata
5. Shato no kata

Koto ryu article in the Akban-wiki.


Problem with the new registration system

We are experiencing some problems in the registration system. As the Bifugi IT department is having a scheduled vacation, it might take us hours to sort this one out.
Meanwhile you can enjoy the information we have here for you – our martial arts friend.
Jason, thanks for being the first to report this bug.


New BJJ videos in the Akban-wiki

We have started another massive documenting effort of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
The first fruits of this effort have been getting positive reactions from viewers and we are now ready for some more advanced techniques, all the time correcting and retaking those techniques that need a better version.
Those BJJ ground fighting techniques that have been uploaded are here:
1. Counter for double hand pass guard defence
2. Cutting arm bar from sitting guard
3. Over arm under leg sweep from open guard
4. Loop choke from sitting guard
5. Taking the back from sitting guard
6. Taking the back from De la Riva guard
7. Taking the back from sitting
If you are logged in it means you can write and edit in the wiki. You might try describing the techniques…


Even more videos of Koto ryu

We are uploading more videos of Koto ryu, one of the most devastating street real martial art school practiced in Akban. Documenting martial techniques and making it freely available online is one of the main projects in our organization.
Most of these kata are not politically correct, sorry, you initiate the attack before the enemy:
1. Kako no kata
2. Hida No kata
3. Hicho no kata – Koto ryu
4. Kompi no kata
5. Koto no kata, first version
If you are logged in you can help this effort and edit out inaccuracies, describe the technique better or even dare a bit and put your own, better version of the technique.