Posts from August 2007

Special forces backpacks, battle kits, dojo and gym bags

Mr. R. a veteran akbanaut, makes Gym bags, weapon systems, saddle bags etc. are all made with the utmost expertize using top grade durable fabrics (High grade cordura, ripstop fabric and Kevlar threads).

Mr. R.’s creations were tested by veterans in the most difficult conditions on the planet.

Inquiries to Mr. R. can be mailed here:
[email protected]
If he’s not sowing some Eskimo’s handbag he’ll answer in a day or two.



Your martial arts wiki made easy and understandable

If you’re an old hand in Wikipedia, skip this article, but if you’re doing the first steps toward martial knowledge – here are few guidelines:

1. The Ninjutsu article, for example, contains few tabs at the top, pressing one of these history, for example, will give you the opportunity to compare versions – the new additions are colored red – each change you make is reversible, just click on the older version and save.

2. Each user contributions are tracked by the system, so Mr. Daniel and Mr. Ariel from Tel Aviv dojo get a lot of respect by watching the quality of their technique analysis.

3. It all starts with creating a free account and having guts. Your martial arts encyclopedia is a long time project and we can all learn by small steps.

Start with small corrections, move on to analyzing videos and writing down the movements, finish by contributing your techniques and insights.



Learning English, aerobic dancing and self defence in Japanese TV

Zuiikin English is a genius Japanese program that combines aerobic dancing and phrase repetition to help memorize new English phrases. The hilarious results are unbelievable, especially when applied to self defense.

Any woman that will use the Zuiikin method of self defense will get plenty of space from a potential attacker. Much better then plain old martial art.


An AKBAN Budo Ninjutsu dojo in Okinawa

Professor Bergman, an AKBAN veteran, conducted the first ever Budo Ninjutsu training session in computational neurology seminar.

Top Doctors from all over the world got a brief glimpse into martial arts with Karate and Budo Ninjutsu sessions. A welcomed break from the complicated studies conducted in this international seminar.

Prof. Bergman did not skimp and did the famous AKBAN strength routine, Hicho no kata and even some groundwork. I couldn’t help myself, I noticed that all the students were smiling in the Budo Ninjutsu lesson, but were very serious doing karate…


At last, a Ninjutsu article in the martial arts encyclopedia

After two thousands years of diaspora and thousand drafts we finally have the incomplete article of Ninjutsu in the AKBAN-wiki, our martial arts encyclopedia.

I think this is just what this organization is about: very frank, careful and open discussion of everything, including the essence and roots of our own practice.

Please pay attention, this is not the article about our own system – Budo Ninjutsu – and of course not the article of current day Budo Taijutsu
So here’s my reality check: Mr. Y. stands in front of Mr. I. at the last hour of sparring in the 24 hour training, on top of mount Eithan, moments before the storm hits us.
This is my definition of Budo Ninjutsu!