The Kata and Ninjutsu Kamae that start each training session in AKBAN

At last, after many weeks that Avinoam and I could not find the right time slot, we managed, a few days ago, to wake up at pre-dawn, hurry to the sea shore and video the Ninjutsu Kata that form the start of every training session in my groups in AKBAN.

It was a cloudy morning but we managed to shoot multiple clips, from different angles, and finished just when the sun went up. In his own way, Pasha helped too.

Ran Levari recorded a devastating percussion session for this video. The percussion was improvised with two Hanbo on a wooden wall in our Tel Aviv dojo, awesome. Avinoam and Ran are long time AKBAN veterans,Thanks guys!

The stances, the kamae, and the kata that stem from them are either Kihon Happo, Moto gata or Ki gata from our vast Takamatsu den syllabus. Doing these connected techniques is a good way to repeat a large and essential part of our great martial art – Ninjutsu.

Video of the Ninjutsu kamae and Kata from the start of the training session in AKBAN

Kamae, behind the grueling practice of Budo Ninjutsu stances

Mr. S. writes in the AKBAN Journal about the reasons and the meaning of the kamae practiced in our martial arts school.

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The secret behind the fighting stance – the kamae

By Yossi Sheriff

The defense and attack positions in the Budo Ninjutsu are an internal state of mind that we project using the body. Like many things in our school, the meaning, the importance, are hidden behind tough physical work.

First the practitioner learns the mechanics: how to stand correctly, what is a straight back, how the feet stabilize the pelvis and the most efficient position of the hands in front of an opponent. When stances and the transitions between them are preformed well and become instinctual, the student is ready to learn other important parts of Kamae.

The positioning of the hands, the tension in the face and abdominal muscles, breathing and especially the intent turn each stance into a seal of fighting emotion.

The warrior’s state of mind has utmost importance, as important as technique. A perfect technique dwells in a winning frame of mind. A proper inner state wins battles, good technique, alone, does not. A warrior who finds himself in real combat must know that winning or loosing is not only the outcome of physical ability. Budo Ninjutsu Stances are an internal seal of emotions that helps us put things in order during chaotic situations.

Our waiting and attacking positions where designed hundreds of years ago and are continually practiced to this day to face a variety of situations: fighting against many opponents and fighting along inner fears.

Preserving a fighting tradition is like gardening; The knowledge that the warrior receives must be rooted and nurtured in a supportive environment and under proper conditions. Our knowledge lives.

The essential conditions are: an instructor, real contact sparring and outdoor practice. With these a trainee progresses from practicing the physical aspects of stance in front of an opponent to creating and maintaining a proper inner state in life.


AKBAN Blitz of August 2019

Today, August the 1st, we start the AKBAN Blitz in the dojo.

The Group will train in two parallel paths: all session randori and aerobic Daken Taijutsu.

The choice of path is an AND Gate of the practitioner and me. Within the confines of the Gate one can move from one path to the other.

Those that have been at it for more than 30 years, do the same, Himum, Kamae and randori the whole session. For those that joined us this year, we video the randori for debriefing, slow motion it and send it individually to the practitioners.

Things to bring: No Hakama, just long pants and black teeshirt. Please bring full boxing gloves and water.

Training sessions, 18-22.6.2017

After several intense weeks of applying Jumonji with the Methodical pyramid we are ready to expand our vocabulary to other stances beginning with Hoko No Kamae.

Boxing gloves are essential and we will need extreme fitness too.

Sessions this week, 11-15.6.2017

This week we will continue and work the inside range with Juji and Hoko no kamae. The Jerusalem dojo will introduce kicks to the katas, the other dojos will hone drill number 4.

Ninjutsu sessions this week, 20-25.12.2015

This Friday, 25.12.2015, 08:00 sharp, we have an ECR session in Tel Aviv dojo.

At Honbu dojo, Tel Aviv, we will continue to practice combat formations of two different realms: Entering to trapping to grappling and weapons against Muto dori.

We will also do some additional work connecting Kamae, Mudra and Prana Udana.

Ninjutsu training for 2-7.11.2014

This Friday the weapon group will work on Kukishinden middle length stick kata.

In the intermediate groups in Jerusalem we are continuing our work with kicks as means for Kansetsu waza. We will work with Hanbo in the Wednesday session and also Gyokko Ryu kata.
The Tel Aviv intermediate group will work on kicks and add Muto dori of Gyokko ryu.
The advanced, kata, groups in Ramat Hasharon, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem will repeat Gyaku Nage, Uchi Harai and learn a new kata from the Shirabe Moguri level of Kukishinden Ryu.

Video of Hicho no Kamae

Kata against a two hand hold

Training this week: outdoor at Thursday and Family Defense and Security seminar at Friday

This Thursday, at the Tel Aviv dojo, we will train at the Gan Haazmaut, at the north side, near the red sculpture, about 40 meters to the side. We will have a special year’s end session with emphasis on Bokken. We’ll start at 18:10 and continue as usual. The rest of the week sessions are as planned.

Friday, 27.6.2014, at 07:30, we will meet at our regular shooting range for the second F.D.S., Family Defense and Security seminar this year – about handguns (Link to event on Facebook). The first FDS seminar that dealt with Vertical Urban Survival (VUS) was ushered by Assaf Hochman from AKBAN Modi’in-Maccabim-Re’ut.

On the FDS Gun seminar on Friday we will focus on the scenario of “Gun in the house”. We used the Methodical Pyramid model to run analyses that deal with protecting children, sabaki with guns inside a family house and shooting safely inside an apartment. Preceding those we will shoot in all the basic stances, relearn gun safety and work out gun malfunctions. The concluding part of the seminar will hone the intermediate skills necessary for the designed scenarios.

Don’t miss these opportunities to learn, even if they are just a fraction of the AKBAN syllabus. Maybe, like me, you do not want to master guns, but learning the basics of Family Defense and Security is not an option, just like learning CPR, it is a matter of professionalism and responsibility.

The Taijutsu sessions this week are as usual and will revolve around the Basic Ninjutsu Stances we start each session with.

Video of Bobi no Kamae

Video of Vertical Urban Survival 1 seminar

Gallery of images from VUS seminar

Training in AKBAN for the week of 23-28.2.2014

This week, in all central dojos, we will work with two versions of sacrifice throws and use short range kicks in combination with the sabaki we have been doing lately.

Please do not forget to bring punching gloves as we always validate our Ninjutsu with randori.
For questions, please call me at:052-5108747

The sessions start with Ninjutsu kamae followed by the himum. The session ends with Randori.

We upload selected Ninjutsu lessons to the Ninjutsu training category at the AKBAN wiki.