Desert gatherings

The desert gathering is one of the highlights of the year. Each year we assemble in the middle of nowhere, reaching there in small separate teams, by foot, with no GPS, carrying all we need on our backs.

Our fighting method encompasses a healthy dose of being outside. This has something to do with being tough and everything with enjoying pure living and training. These gatherings are for remembering that there are less complicated places, with no internet and phones. Times in which just walking with friends, eating and training is all there is to do.

From these gatherings we carry back water we take from some desert spring. We drink the water with the new black belts after the exam. They now owe this water and have to wait till the next Desert gathering to replenish the stock. Half a year later, drinking this water that someone carried makes us smile, even though it’s just water.

Image gallery of desert gatherings

Martial arts Desert gatherings