Controlling emotions and thoughts with the body – stance

Akban’s core, Detant, prepares us for the most severe, the most difficult conditions, and for discipline, for daily training, for strong living spirit.

Why is it essential to learn Detant, the AKBAN core?

It seems to us that emergencies occur only elsewhere, to other people. It’s an illusion.

In daily routine, one foolishness – avoidance or an out of place outburst – can spoil relationships and hurt work. And in extreme situations, in real emergency, if we freeze, lose control or overreact, we risk our life, usually others too.

Studying is very good, but to remember must one must memorise, practice. We will practice not only to be ready, we will practice that as we build control, every moment fills with vitality and power.

This is the way in which the person in charge operates: the disturbances become reminders, coping with difficulty creates power.

When you know this you can rely on the ability to perform in real time. The fear continues to exist, but it has a witness, the witness has a body and the body has words etched with it by memorising, stance ond other influencers. Emergency time becomes a doing opportunity.

Only then can one live every day in the freedom of internal discipline.