How does a Detant process work

We begin by meeting the management of your organization and getting to know the overall picture. We then work in collaboration to create a detailed process analysis of conflicts and solutions.
Using debriefing of the most experienced personnel we create conflict management standard operating procedures that apply our tested emotional modulation tools.

1. Process analysis

  • Discrete and thorough debriefing.
  • Our unique process analysis.
  • Integrating security needs.
  • Advanced statistical tools.
  • Standard Operating procedures.

2. Planning

  • Ethical code of conduct and customer service.
  • Cost effective time-frame and budget.
  • Working together with management and workers.
  • Creating verbal maps.
  • Integrating verbal skills.

3. Course

  • Real-time video debriefing.
  • Practicing stress and emotional modulation.
  • Body language, tone and verbal content
  • Preventing escalation using profiling.
  • Online materials.
  • Written S.O.P.