Emotion regulation for Security and HAZMAT personnel

Paramedics emotion regulation in simulation

Police officers, soldiers and security personnel at any level are facing daily dilemmas regarding their duties. On the one hand they must stay sharp, focused and ready to encounter life threatening incidents, on the other hand they are dealing many times with situations that are best dealt with using minimal force and empathy.

Especially now, in the social media age, when everyone carries high quality camera at hand, a suitable, proper solution to complex situations is a prerequisite for any organisation. The implications of an incident that goes out of control are grave and hurt both the personnel and the organisation.  

At DETANT we offer a physical tools and drills that enable the practitioner to stay in control while in stressful situation. He or she will learn how, by using simple technics, to stay calm, make the right decisions, and accomplish his mission in the best way possible. We also offer correct conversation tools based on opponent assessment and culture.

Our training sessions are based on simulations that gradually escalate while the practitioners acquire new tools and drill these techniques to achieve emotional regulation. 

Our tools have been proven in the Israeli security sector.