Detant for civilians – self control in emergency situations

Detant Preparing civilians against terror attacks and rocket warefare

Emergency situations happen unexpectedly and have a quality to them that causes less then ideal reactions. Even well rehearsed standard operating procedures are sometimes forgotten in the heat of crisis.  Fear, stress and anger are the culprits. 

In extreme, dire, events, correct situation assessment, precise decision making and fast action are imperative. 

Detant teaches a set of tools that uses a body first approach in order to calm the mind. When one controls physical reactions to stress and fear one overcomes and control his mental and emotional states as well. 

Our techniques are simple and have been proven many times in the demanding Israeli scenario. As a result of the drilling in our workshops, physical habits are embedded that get activated in the event of a  crisis.

Using our tools will enable personnel to act effectively and cope with emergency situations professionally.