AKBAN Tel Aviv – Martial arts, Ninjutsu, Emotion regulation

294 Hayarkon St.
Tichon Ironi He’ High school
Main sports hall
Tuesday 6 PM, Thursday 6 PM

Yossi Sheriff, Instructor

For details and a free trial lessons call us 052-5108747

If you are a martial arts practitioner, beginner or veteran, interested in Combat oriented Ninjutsu, Self-defense or traditional Martial arts, Tel Aviv (תל אביב נינג’יטסו) is easy and beautiful city to be at. The Israeli martial arts scene has developed since the early 1950’s into a bustling, multi disciplinarian scene.

A dedicated group of veterans comes to train every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 PM. Beginners and veterans alike can enjoy our warm club hospitality; Renzo Gracie, on one of his seminars in Akban summed it up, he said: “I can’t believe it, it seems you guys are Irish…”.

Yossi Sherif, the Akban Academy founder, teaches the Tel Aviv classes. You can contact us by mail ([email protected]) or phone at 052-5108747 (972-52-5108747 if calling from abroad). We speak English, some French, Arabic and of course, Japanese.

We take great pride in our openness and no nonsense attitude: Any martial artist can contribute to our pool and diversity as long as he is willing to work hard.

Where in Tel Aviv?

The Akban martial arts academy is located on 294 Hayarkon St., near the Yarkon River, on a major street that overlooks the entrance to the wonderful Tel Aviv Harbor. The Tel Aviv academy is the youngest one in Akban; we have been working and training since 1991.

The Facility in Tel Aviv is spacious with almost 220 square meters of training mattress, showers and rest area. The vicinity of the Tel Aviv sea shore and the jogging paths alongside the river make pre-training runs scenic. Many buses lines converge in Ben Yehuda St. and we even enjoy our own parking – a luxury in Tel Aviv.

Around Tel Aviv Akban Dojo

Tel Aviv harbor is the center of a bustling night scene: Bars, shops, restaurants and famous DJs fill the harbor every evening. The Tel Aviv night scene is one of the busiest urban scenes in the world with many places opening up in 10 PM till morning. Tel Aviv’s energy contributes to the general atmosphere in our dojo and many evenings end in the nearby Japanese restaurants or bars.