Rishon leZion martial arts Ninjutsu Academy

About Rishon LeZion

Rishon Lezion (ראשון לציון) is the fourth largest city in Israel. It was founded at 1882 and was recognized as a city on 1950. It used to be known as a sleeping suburb of the city of Tel Aviv. However, it is now strengthening its status with, markets, leisure, restaurants and night life. Rishon Lezion is located just a few minutes to the South of Tel Aviv.

The Rishon Martial arts dojo

The AKBAN martial arts academy was founded in Jerusalem by Yossi Sheriff at
1986. Assaf Hochman is Yossi’s student from the very beginning, Assaf founded the AKBAN academy in Rishon Lezion for traditional MMA and traditional rock climbing in 2010 after 12 years of martial arts and rock climbing instruction at the city of Modiin.
Our academy is based on learning and improving our martial arts knowledge hand in hand with preserving tradition. Our urban warrior way of life makes it a necessity to educate our students in outdoor training such as rock climbing. A group of veterans practice every week. Both veterans and beginners of all ages can enjoy the warm and non-competitive atmosphere during and after practice.

Calender of the Rishon LeZion dojo

Where in Rishon Lezion?

Our club is located in Rishon Lezion on Echad Haam street number 7, just a few minutes from the train station. The facility is spacious with more the 220 square meters of mattress.

Contact Rishon Lezion Akban club

You can contact us by mail at [email protected] or by phone: 0524-711262 (972-524-711262 if calling from abroad)

A map of the Rishon dojo in Rishon Lezion

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