Modiin Akban martial arts Ninjutsu Academy

About Modiin

Modiin is a young city. It was founded at 1996 and ever since was established as a city for young families. Modiin is well known for its excellent education facilities for children of all ages and for its warm urban environment. There are 100000 citizens in Modiin and the city is growing rapidly with more and more families targeting her as their home.

If you are a martial arts and/or rock climbing enthusiast, beginner or veteran, interested in self defense, mix martial arts, traditional martial arts and either indoor or outdoor rock climbing then the city of Modiin is the place for you. The Israeli martial arts scene has developed since the 1950’s and has progressed a long way through preparation for confrontation and academic research. The rock climbing scene has developed since the 1970’s. During the end of the 1990’s and the beginning of the third millennium we noticed great progression both in the traditional and sport climbing.

The Modiin martial arts dojo

The AKBAN martial arts academy was founded in Jerusalem by Yossi Sheriff at 1986. Assaf Hochman is Yossi’s student since Yossi began teaching, Assaf founded the AKBAN academy in Modiin for traditional MMA and traditional rock climbing in 1999, following his military service at the IDF academy for anti terror training as an instructor
for martial arts and climbing.

Our academy is based on learning and improving our martial arts knowledge hand in hand with preserving tradition. Our urban warrior way of life makes it a necessity to educate our students in outdoor training such as rock climbing.
A group of veterans practice every week.

Assaf teaches the class since 1999. Both veterans and beginners of all ages can enjoy the warm and non-competitive atmosphere
during and after practice.

Where in Modiin?

Our club is located in the fitness gym at the Modiin Azriely mall located near the central bus and train station, not more then 20 minutes from two of the best outdoor rock climbing crags and two of the largest indoor climbing gyms. The facility is spacious and we train at least once a week outdoors.

Contact Modiin Akban club

You can contact us by mail at [email protected] or by phone: 0524-711262 (972-524-711262 if calling from abroad)

A map of the Akban dojo in Modiin

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